Practice To Play Golf Forever

Understand Your Physical Limitations As You Age


how to play golf forever gear 1The first thing I would do is make sure the equipment I am using is fitted to my swing speed and my goals as a golfer. Sorry, but as your swing speed decreases you will see drop-offs in your ball speed, spin rate, shot height, landing angles … and these things cost you more than distance off the tee. If you are hitting the mid-to-long irons too flat then you will never be able to keep them from rolling off the back of the greens. If you can’t develop speed you will never hit the ball far enough and it’s impossible to compete against players hitting short irons into every green while you’re back there throwing lumber into every par 4!

Take the time to chart your shot patterns and understand your “numbers” so you can make sure your clubs fit you so they will help you succeed on the course. If you have shafts that are too stiff or the incorrect set make-up you are fighting the clubs even before you hit the first shot.

Using Trackman will help you to audit these factors and this will give you at least a fighting chance with the right equipment in your hand.

play golf forever chart 1
Get a grip on shot patterns
practice to play golf chart 2
Figure out club distances, too.

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