Five Steps To More Golf Consistency

A Guide To Creating Better Impact Conditions

Golfer A is told he is not getting the ball into the air because he needs to hit down on it more. Golfer A succeeds in doing this but notices the ball flight is too low.  He keeps proceeding with the assumption that he needs to hit down on it more, but continually tries to hit it higher in practice sessions. So, he now has a steep angle of attack and is adding a lot of loft; unfortunately the ground is an unseen factor in all of this, and Golfer A will now have problems with hitting the ground before the ball. On a launch monitor it looks like this:

golf consistency launch monitor

The Attack Angle in the above frame is (-7.0) at the moment of impact. The effective loft at impact is at 42 degrees, and it is a seven iron. So, if the average seven iron has 34 degrees of loft, knowing the attack angle this player has added a good deal of loft through the hitting area. He has the ball launching higher but commonly has the club bottoming out behind the ball. This is the plight of most “inconsistent” golfers.

In the two-dimensional world it looks like this:

golf consistency 2-dimensional

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