Three Crucial Golf Moves

Copy These Positions For Iron Game Success

As you dial in your iron game this summer, or whenever you’re practicing to get better, give the following three crucial golf moves a try as part of your routine. Over the years I’ve been teaching they’ve proven some of the most valuable and consistent ideas I offer my students, and they’ll work for you, Read more…

Keep It Together For Iron Power

iron power photos

Loss of power with your irons has many causes, but one of the biggest bugaboos is not keeping the hands, club and body connected throughout the swing. Not staying in sync will cause loss a lot of energy leaks, poor rhythm, lack of balance and both shorter and less accurate shots. Let’s go through this Read more…

Three Skills Challenges For Better Golf

Take On These Drills To Gain Control Of Your Club

All golfers are looking to improve and shoot lower scores. That said, each golfer should be very careful on how they go about improving as it’s an individualistic process and many lose sight of that. That’s why I’ve come up with three challenges for better golf. The best players in the world have showed us Read more…

Divot And Pivot For Solid Golf Contact

solid golf contact divot opener

What is what I call “Divot And Pivot? In short, it’s the key to solid golf contact time after time. I can honestly say this one is “Original TP.” I tell all my students if I could give them two skills for Christmas, they would be the ability to compress/hit down on the golf ball Read more…

The Iron Game: Compress To Impress

Draw The Line For Proper Contact

I have always felt that the golf swing is a chain reaction of events, and nowhere is that more evident than with the iron game. A good set up (Photo 1) leads to a proper takeaway, notice that my hands are well inside of the club head (Photo 2). From here all I need to Read more…

How To Play An ‘Edgy’ Fairway Bunker Shot

Not every bunker shot is alike. Sometimes we end up in lies on the very edge of the bunkers that have a little bit of grass and sand mixture. Sometimes tight, sometimes fluffy, these lies are very unpredictable, and even if there’s little to no lip to deal with, advancing the ball in the direction Read more…

Three Ways To Better Ballstriking

Posture, Path, Plane Still Your Key To Improvement

It’s the moment of truth: The split second when clubface meets ball. When you come right down to it, nothing else in golf matters. That’s why consistent, accurate ballstriking is what every golfer strives for, why it’s the only way to get better through the bag and lower your scores. There are, of course, many Read more…

How To Shape Your Golf Shots

Trackman, GEARS Help With Alignment, Swing Plane

Like many full-service teaching facilities, my staff and I at Boyne Resorts use Trackman and other technology like GEARS to help our students get a firm grip on their golf games. These tools help them, and us, find out how all the elements of a swing — club path, angle of attack, clubhead and ball Read more…

Unleash Your Inner Lag

Unleash Your Inner LAG

Just what is “lag,” anyway? Lag is a very misunderstood concept in golf. Most amateurs can see that professionals maintain the lag or angle between the lead arm and club shaft as long as possible in the downswing to deliver the most powerful blow possible, but fail to understand how and why this happens. Left Read more…

Hit More Greens

Make Consistent Contact With Your Irons

The connection between the hands and clubhead is critically important.