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top 25 instructors brandon stooksbury


Direction of Instruction, Idle Hour Country Club, Macon, Georgia

YouTube: Brandon Stooksbury Golf

Years Teaching:15


Jim McLean, Dr. Rob Neal (Golf BioDynamics)


  • 2018 PGA Georgia Section Teacher of the Ytear
  • 2015 Central Georgia Chapter PGA Teacher of Year
  • 2012 Southern Nevada PGA Teacher of Year
  • Author of The Wedge Book


  • Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia
  • Georgia PGA Smiling Fore Life program•

Why I Teach: I’ve always been a curious person and love to know how things ‘work.’  Naturally I have the same curiosity about the game of golf, especially when I couldn’t figure it out on my own. That’s what drove me to instruction and coaching…that internal drive to really figure out how it worked and then help others understand it. I would consider myself a skills-based coach. The game of golf is basically a collection of skills that add together to form a score. If you can figure out what specific skills need to be improved, then work a developing them individually, you have a real chance to lower your score.

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