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Make The Turn PGA Instructor at Pronghorn, Bend, Oregon

Twitter: @mttgolf

Years Teaching: 28


Mike LaBauve, Jim Hardy, Dave Pelz, Ted Sheftic, Michael Breed, Bill Strausbaugh


  • NCPGA Teacher of the Year
  • Golf Channel Lead Coach
  • Featured Presenter, 2019 PGA National Teaching & Coaching Summit


  • Youth On Course
  • The First Tee

Why I Teach: The biggest thing I’ve learned or discovered over the years is the “secret” to big time development is less rooted less in “what” to do and more in “how” to got about making that profound change you’re looking for. The “what” is obviously hugely important, but what I’m saying, from a coaching perspective, is deciding what to adjust is quite simple and only takes a short time during an initial coaching session to determine. The “how” is where the work takes place and the real magic in coaching begins. I’m not in the business of lowering expectations, but rather increasing them. Life is more exciting when we think BIG. Coaching is the process of making big things happen in a way that’s both simple and doable in the mind of the player.

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