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The Fountain of Youth Exists — Just Ask The Golf Tips Top 25

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Abraham: Having proper swing techniques will help reduce stress on the body as we age, especially the lower back.  There are also adjustments you can make at address and in the swing to work around limitations and to reduce stress on joints or problem areas.

Adam Bazalgette, Mediterra Golf Club, Naples, Florida: I’d encourage a senior golfer to work on their technique. Typically they have enough time and opportunity at this point in life to do it. As we get less limber and athletic it’s harder to make the compensations that poor swings require. Also a sound swing allows for a free move through the ball, which creates less stress on lower back, and joints in general, adding to longevity in the game.

Gail Graham, The Esplanade Golf & Country Club, Naples, Florida: To build from the beginning, a golfer needs good FUNdamentals. This is the base from which you can then build a YOUR swing. 

It’s not about being perfect or pretty but rather about having a FUNctional swing motion that works for you! Good instruction can help you find a swing and a stroke that is repeatable. 

John Hughes, Falcon’s Fire Golf Club, Kissimmee, Florida: Maintain your skills – it’s not enough to just play and go home. You have to maintain your skills somehow. You can do so at home doing simple drills and exercises. Also, improve the skills you desire to – as you review statistics, some skills you will find you just can’t improve, just yet.  Improve those skills that are easier to obtain and cover more areas of your game. Doing so may improve the more defined skills you can’t improve right now;

Patri: As we age we must evolve. The clock on the wall never stops ticking for anyone. Many of the students who come to me later in their golf journey either can’t tell time or simply are in denial. Devise a practice plan that fits your life style and time constraints. I also suggest bi-weekly coaching sessions to keep the train on the rails. Of course not every student follows directions! Playing well as your golf career enters the back nine of your journey is about two things: a sound game plan and common sense. 

Vangellow: Your qualified instructor will assist you in so many ways:  “Swinging, not hitting,” rhythm, timing, tempo, and tension awareness to help your learned swing keep repeating, even if you are at a different place as you age. Honor the game by spending quality (not necessarily quantity) time with instruction/practice/play. Practice and play to YOUR strengths.

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