Great Tips For Winter Golf Practice

Stay Sharp Even When The Snow Starts Falling


top 25 instructors alison curdtWhat I recommend for students to stay sharp is two things:

  1. Grip position often deteriorates with lack of use. Taking a few weeks or months off due to cold weather can lead to our hands not being in tune with where to go on the club. I recommend having an indoor club for golfers to grip while they are bundled up in doors. This club could be an old model you don’t use anymore. Taking “white-out” or a silver Sharpie, outline the thumb positions on the grip and then, periodically throughout the week, practice placing your hands on the club to make sure your grip will be fine tuned when the weather warms up
  2. During the colder months rotation can also diminish, swings become shorter, and timing is eventually off. When the weather prevents a golfer from going outside, I love students to continue to fire their motor patterns as much as possible without a club. Place your hands across your chest like you are giving yourself a hug (right hand on left shoulder, left hand on right shoulder) get into a 5-iron position, and rotate your body. Doing three sets of 10 rotations daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), will keep those motor patterns firing sharply just like you’ve never taken a break from playing.

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