Reach Your Golf Milestones 2020, Part 1

Get The Year Off To A Sweet-Scoring Start


Let’s Make Better Contact

You’ve learned how to break the triple digit barrier, but club to ball contact is prohibiting you from maximizing your accuracy and potential distance. The importance of your ball striking skills increases as you reach and break through each major scoring milestone. So why not start now to make that happen?

golf milestone 1 break 90

You actually started improving your ball striking skills if you’ve been performing the suggestion to Break 90 contained within the November/December issue of Golf Tips (get caught up at When you focus upon making your chip and pitch shots better, you begin to detail your ball striking skills too. The basic impact position of the shaft leaning forward of the club is consistent with all shots, no matter the club or how large you make the swing.

Growing your chip and pitch shot repertoire and creating better contact between the club and the ball is simple:

  • Start by allowing yourself to turn or “release” through the chip shot. This creates more speed at impact. If the ball continues to fly straight, you’re making better contact;
  • Increase the distance of your backswing, as I’m doing in Photos 1-4 above. Normally you are taught to make a bigger backswing first. But if you can’t finish the swing, what good is a bigger backswing? Ensure the size of the backswing can be equaled by the size you are physically able to complete the finish;
  • Change clubs to increase distance. Learning that clubs of different lofts and lengths is the first basic to understand how to change the distance the ball travels. If you’ve created a comfortable swing that stays balanced and has a good tempo, why change that to accommodate a distance? Just change the club and execute the first two bullets.

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