Build A Winning Golf Warm Up

One of the biggest differences between recreational players and professionals is the latter’s attention to warming up properly. It’s incredibly common for weekend golfers to show up to the golf course with 15 minutes to spare, check in, hit a couple putts, maybe hit a few balls, and then go to the first tee. This Read more…

Get The Correct Golf Grip

It’s Key To Proper Takeaway and Swing Plane

Few aspects of the golf swing hold more fascination for struggling club golfers than how to achieve the correct golf grip. Swing plane, pronation, supination, re-routing, downswing transition, leg drive, and hip resistance on the backswing are some of the more elaborate theories investigated by golfers who habitually slice or hook. Yet more often than Read more…

Making Golf Goals That Are Realistic

A Realistic Look At Expectations For Kids (And Adults)
making golf goals featured

Is my child good enough to play in tournaments?” That’s a very common question that I get on a weekly basis. I usually follow the parent’s question with one of my own: “What does your child want to do?” And that means making golf goals that are realistic for everyone. It is very important to Read more…

How To Keep Golf Fun And ‘Real’

In past columns we have covered how to work and grow with your child’s ability, strategies to help them achieve goals, and making sure we keep it fun. This time, let’s discuss how we can put it all together, keep golf fun and real, and recognize when you as a parent have overstepped your boundaries. Read more…

The Most Important Golf Lesson

Jack Grout Reveals Two Key Swing Thoughts

Editor’s Note: Following is The Most Important Golf Lesson, the second of several planned excerpts from A Wonderful Run at Life: The Stories of Pandel Savic, published in 2016 by Orange Frazar Press. An immigrant from Macedonia and star quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes who led them to their first Rose Bowl victory in Read more…

Six-Spoke Series No. 6: Simple Technique

Fundamentals Make All The Difference

Editor’s Note: Following is the sixth and final instruction piece in digest form from Top 30 instructor Tom Patri’s 2005 book, The Six-Spoke Approach to Golf. Tom is one of the most respected teachers and coaches in the game, and we’re honored to add his deep passion and knowledge to Golf Tips. Looking back at Read more…

The Six-Spoke Approach: Analysis With Perspective

Be Honest And Your ‘Real’ Stats Will Treat You Well

  Long before I wrote the Six Spoke Approach, long before I met Peter Sanders who turned me onto, I had a gentlemen in my life who taught me the importance of monitoring my “real stats” and what they meant. His name was Charley Matlock, my coach at Florida Southern College. Sadly, as I Read more…

Taste A Better Game At French Lick

Indiana resort announces golf school packages

French Lick Resort in southern Indiana has been a golf destination where legends and champions have played since 1917.

Florida’s PGA Center Offers Great Winter Rates

CLP is an innovative, performance-enhancing golf facility

The PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance (CLP) at PGA Village in south Florida has unveiled a new Season Access Pass at savings of up to 60% off standard rates.

The Annika Way

As Golf Academies Go, This Legend's Florida School is Truly a Family Affair

Annika Sorenstam never does anything halfway.