Mark Your Golf Milestones, Part 2

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

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Learn to Control the Length of Your Putts

Three-putts add up fast for the player who is trying to break 100. Why? Because your first putt is not as good as it could be, leaving you a longer than expected second putt. Learning to control the distance of your first putt is a priority if you want to break 100. Doing this can eliminate the number of times you three-putt within a round, and is the fastest way to reducing your scores, at any level.

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A simple drill you can do before going out for a round is practicing your putting to the edge of the green from different distances. A simple 3-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot putt to begin with will help you understand the subtleties of the green. A couple 20-foot and 30-foot putts to the edge of a green provides you feedback to how fast or slow those putts may be on any given day, as well as how grain may be affecting the direction your ball could take.

Use a tee as a target for all these putts. In just five minutes, you’ll be on your way to learning to adjust your putting stroke to accommodate the length of putts you’ll experience on the course.

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