The Pursuit Of Easy Golf Power

Swing Coach Helps Dean Reinmuth Reveal The True Golf Swing
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“You have two feelings of movement. One is your body, the other is the club head,” Reinmuth said as we began the first video session. “The head needs to travel at a certain rate of speed for inertia to force the ball out [of the Swing Coach’s cradle]. The less the spacer holds the ball, the slower the swing needs to be to release the ball; remove the spacer and the ball will be held more, which means more swing speed is needed to release it.

golf power 1-3
Left: From the top, a slow build. Center: Gathering speed slowly. Right: Still not at full speed


“What often happens is people think they’re moving at a certain speed, but in reality they’re moving either too fast or too slow by the moment of the bottom of the arc. If you move too fast before, the ball will come out too early, into the ground. If you move too slow, the ball will come out higher and to the left.”

To get the feel of true acceleration, Reinmuth had me take small, pitch-like swings with the Swing Coach, with the spacer installed. My first try, the ball indeed came out high and left, signifying that I’d reached full speed well after impact zone.

As we graduated to full swings, I was instructed to listen for the “whoosh” sound a club makes at full speed. I thought I heard it at the bottom of the swing, but Reinmuth begged to differ.

“Hold your club out about waist level [follow-through position],” he said. “That’s where the swoosh actually was. That’s what I saw on the screen.”

My mind and body clearly weren’t in sync, but after a handful of easy, slow full swings I was get the ball to leave the cradle at the right spot.

Reinmuth gave an apt analogy. “Think about an airplane that needs to get to 100 mph to take off, but it doesn’t get there before the end of the runway. What happens? It’s the same physics with the golf swing. The Swing Coach tells you what you’re actually doing versus what you feel.”

Back to the pitch for a moment: Swing Coach isn’t just for dialing in release. “If you’re doing a pitch shot, put the ball barely in the cradle by pulling the spacer out,” Reinmuth said. “This teaches a smooth takeaway. Now put the ball in harmony with the pitch shot — back together and forward together. The body and club have to be moving at the same pace. The instinct for most people is to move the body more, and the club gets behind on pitch shots.” What happens then? Poor direction and distance control at best, shanks and cold-tops at worst.

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