How To Build A Powerful Golf Launch Pad

Proper Set-Up Promotes Balance Through The Swing

Just what is a golf launch pad, and how does it lead to a more efficient and powerful swing? I’ll show you, but first a little background. Each golf season, as a full-time teacher and coach, I re-examine techniques that I use, as well as the techniques of others. During the past 10 years, we Read more…

Stack & Tilt Revisited

What you don't know about our system will change the way you look at the golf swing

2010 was a very good year for Stack and Tilt gurus, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer.

Four Key Movements To Better Golf

Every Great Swing Shares These Attributes

Everything I teach comes from studying the best players in the world. I don’t necessarily teach the “Fundamentals of Golf” as I learned them growing up — based on a number of factors I’ve found they don’t necessarily apply to all golfers. I like to teach what I call the Tour Fundamentals of Golf, which Read more…

The 45 Degree Stick Golf Drill

45 Degree Stick Drill

I assist many golfers who have aim issues, which in turn create significant club path issues within their swing. The predominant issue is aiming too “closed” to the target — as in too far right for a right-handed player — forcing the golfer to create the classic “Over the Top” swing. What you have to Read more…

Are You Really Swinging The Golf Club?

It's A Good Question And Here Are Some Answers

In my 17 years of teaching, one thing is very clear to me – the golf swing is very elusive for most people. One day you have the feel and are hitting it great. Then literally the next day, you try the same tip or feel and you can’t come close to finding the center Read more…

Stay Connected For Power

Give yourself some ‘credit’ and you’ll find yourself further down the fairway
Stay Connected for Power

In my years of teaching, I’ve seen far too many “disconnected” golf swings resulting in weak and off-line shots. It’s a common issue, but it’s easily remedied. I was personally trained and certified by the legendary Jimmy Ballard. He always taught me to teach my students to set up “connected” at address. That is, to have the Read more…

 Flatten That Backswing Wrist

Why your left wrist is killing your golf game
 Wrist Cupped? Flatten It!

A cupped or for the medical types a wrist that is in “dorsiflexion” has the potential to ruin even the best of golf swings you make out on the golf course. What it means to be cupped during your backswing is your left wrist bends so that the back of your left hand and the Read more…

 ‘Clock In’ To Work the Ball

Time to dial in your draws and fades like a pro
 ‘Clock In’ To Work the Ball

Amateur golfers often marvel at a pro’s ability to maneuver the golf ball right to left or left to right at will. Producing draws and fades is actually quite simple. Your ability to shape shots stems from understanding the factors that control direction. The direction of a golf shot after a solid impact is determined Read more…

Back To Basics: Nail Your Impact

A drill to help you understand what the correct impact position should look like

  WHEN STRIKING A GOLF BALL with any club, the moment of impact between the ball and the clubhead is one of epic proportions. It’s the point in time where all of the information from the moving clubhead is delivered and, ultimately, determines what the fl ight of the ball will look like in the Read more…

Juniors: Think Outside The Box…

...and swing like Happy Gilmore!

In the last 10 years, there has been a dramatic shift in the way juniors are developed. For many years, junior golfers have been taught with the same mentality as adults, both in philosophy and methodology. “Keep your head down” and “stay balanced in your finish” are often thoughts given to young golfers while learning the Read more…