For Big Golf Power, Rotate And Release

‘Punch It’ And Get Stronger Shots

big golf power 4-7


To create power punch in your swing, you will need to make your own Extension Club (Photos 4-6).

STEP ONE:  Take a shaft, approximately the length of a 7-iron with a grip attached to the end, and slide a 12-inch piece of swim noodle up the shaft until it fits securely at the end of the grip.

STEP TWO:  Find an old club to use as your Extension Club.  I recommend a steel shafted 6 or 5 iron. Most grips will have a white line circumference around the top (Photo 7).  Take a utility knife and cut around this circumference all the way to the shaft.  After you do this, pull the ‘cap’ off (Photo 8).

STEP THREE:  Finish off by sliding the shaft all the way into the club until it fits securely (Photos 9-11).  You now have your very own Extension Club and are one step closer to adding a power punch to your swing.

big golf power 8-11

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