Building The Perfect Golf Swing

A RARE Shot At Big Improvement


RARE starts with the letter “R” for rhythm. Why is rhythm so important to you making a good golf swing? Because it is the glue that keeps your swing together; golf club and body moving in a synchronized circular flow of motion. Faulty golf swings are often due to quick and jerky motions causing an out-of-balance off center strike of the ball.

This is what I hear from several of my clients: “Well, I don’t have any rhythm, Brad.”

Listen. If you didn’t have any rhythm, you would just fall over dead because your heart has and must have rhythm. Every cell in your body has rhythm. We are an ocean of motion, so certainly focusing on rhythm is perhaps not something you do on a regular basis, but we’re going to change that right now. I’m going to have you focus on the rhythm of your golf swing with a couple simple training drills that you can have fun doing in just five minutes per day.

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