How To Hit A Draw Part 2

It Really Is All In The Hips

In our first article on how to hit a draw, we looked at the basic schematic of how the face and path of the club should move in conjunction with the hand and arm path. To help facilitate the motions of the grid we need to understand how the body work and more specifically the Read more…

Hit A Draw In 3 Basic Steps

A Quick Guide To Creating The Ball Flight You Want

Nearly every golfer develops a natural shot pattern such as a fade, draw, slice or hook. The hardest shot is to consistently hit the ball straight. The benefit of playing a natural shot pattern is you generally know what the ball will do and where it will go. However, the overwhelming percentage of players routinely Read more…

Release The Club For Great Golf

In the immortal words of the great cabaret singer Engelbert Humperdinck, “Please Release Me Let Me Go. Every day I go to the lesson tee and, with rare exception, I encounter a student if not students who for a variety of reasons do not release the club. The release, as it is commonly called, is simply Read more…

The True Golf Swing Revealed

It’s Really The Sum Of Two Swings

I believe that the true golf swing is much easier to learn than most people make it. Most golfers confuse and complicate the golf swing by getting stuck with what I call “do-this-do-that” information. They are always trying to “make” a move like “pulling the elbow into the right side” or “holding the angle then release Read more…

How To Hit A Draw, Part 1

Get On The Grid To Find The ‘Right’ Flight

Golfers of all skill levels and experience regard the shot described by three familiar words — hit a draw — as the holy grail to master. The image of the ball leaving the face slightly to the right, getting up to its apex and making a small left hand turn as it moves closer and Read more…

How To Build A Powerful Golf Launch Pad

Proper Set-Up Promotes Balance Through The Swing

Just what is a golf launch pad, and how does it lead to a more efficient and powerful swing? I’ll show you, but first a little background. Each golf season, as a full-time teacher and coach, I re-examine techniques that I use, as well as the techniques of others. During the past 10 years, we Read more…

Stack & Tilt Revisited

What you don't know about our system will change the way you look at the golf swing

2010 was a very good year for Stack and Tilt gurus, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer.

Four Key Movements To Better Golf

Every Great Swing Shares These Attributes

Everything I teach comes from studying the best players in the world. I don’t necessarily teach the “Fundamentals of Golf” as I learned them growing up — based on a number of factors I’ve found they don’t necessarily apply to all golfers. I like to teach what I call the Tour Fundamentals of Golf, which Read more…

The 45 Degree Stick Golf Drill

45 Degree Stick Drill

I assist many golfers who have aim issues, which in turn create significant club path issues within their swing. The predominant issue is aiming too “closed” to the target — as in too far right for a right-handed player — forcing the golfer to create the classic “Over the Top” swing. What you have to Read more…

Are You Really Swinging The Golf Club?

It's A Good Question And Here Are Some Answers

In my 17 years of teaching, one thing is very clear to me – the golf swing is very elusive for most people. One day you have the feel and are hitting it great. Then literally the next day, you try the same tip or feel and you can’t come close to finding the center Read more…