4 Critical Angles

Cure the majority of your flaws by adopting a rock-solid setup

Spine Tilt 2. Spine Tilt

The second critical angle is the one your spine makes from vertical as it leans slightly right at address (for right-handed players). A slight tilt of the spine to the right presets your upper body in the desired backswing position, eliminating the need to move off the ball as you bring the club to the top.

It's important to grasp that a spine tilt to the right isn't a spine bend to the right. Our spines are very flexible, and it's common for golfers to bend the upper half to the right and leave the lower half behind. This is not spine tilt. If you incorporate improper spine tilt into your address position, you can expect the full gamut of poor swing errors, including standing up, stranding your weight on your right side on the downswing, losing left-arm extension through impact, hitting behind the ball and many more.

Plus, think of the injuries that one can create with a poor, unhealthy bend and, of course, all of the compensations that are required to make decent contact. This can cause a lot of spine shearing and dangerous results and undue strain on the lower back.

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  1. Great article, i came across this because i was coming out of my shots consistantly, losing all the good angles created on my backswing. I found my Spine angle was too much, and my knees were too deep. standing taller i hit a few shots today and it felt great. Thank you

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