Five Common Golf Beginner Mistakes

Being a beginner in golf is truly a unique place. Golf is arguably one of the hardest sports to learn and play at a high level, so beginner mistakes are the rule rather than the exception. If you’ve already taken up the game, remember that time you hit a beautiful long straight drive? Or remember the Read more…

The Secondary Angle

Maintain Your Spine Tilt For Improved Ballstriking

Posture is a critical element of the golf swing, and is often overlooked by golf instructors and recreational players alike. It’s not particularly dynamic or flashy, and most golfers just don’t get excited about spending time developing correct posture. However, establishing the proper body angles at address–and maintaining them throughout the swing–is absolutely crucial to solid ballstriking and good shotmaking.

Lose The Golf Fat And Thin Shots

It’s About Weight, Hips and Hands

The two major causes of fat and thin shots are poor weight distribution and early release of  the hands. Here I’ll show how to take care of both. Photo 1 shows that my weight is behind the ball line and the club face is now ahead of the hands. One or both of these will Read more…

Shank You Very Much!

Or not, if you put these simple drills into action
Shank You Very Much!

The dreaded shank is experienced by all golfers at all levels of the game, from the beginner to “professionals” like Roy McAvoy from the popular movie Tin Cup. The surprising thing is that it is a very small miss with a very detrimental result, as I demonstrate in Photo 1. There are many causes, but Read more…

Get ‘Chippy’ To Settle Those Nerves

Create a tension-free swing, even under pressure

Tension is the enemy of every golfer, at every level. It causes muscles to constrict, which prohibits the body from moving in that nice, flowing fashion throughout the swing. Being able to identify where one holds tension, and how it affects the golf swing, is a powerful tool. Generally tension seems to stem from two Read more…

Women’s Golf: I Want More Distance Now!

Hit the ball farther with these key elements for women

We all want more distance off the tee. With women, I see a few common threads that need addressing, and pronto. The key elements to hitting the ball farther are: • Setup • Backswing musts • Release on the downswing • Finish SOLID SETUP • Chin up, not pinned. • Arms hang down without tension, with Read more…

The ABCs Of Aiming And The 2-Minute Drill

After over 30 years of teaching golf, I’ve concluded that most golfers simply do not know how to aim. If you ask them where they should be aimed, they will most likely be able to tell you information relating to having the clubface, stance and shoulders “square,” but they don’t realize how off-line they are. Read more…

Just Think About…

Great tips for keeping it simple

To play better, try and think less. That doesn’t mean shut your brain off completely.

Learn Like A Pro, Play Like A Pro!

Apply lasting improvements to your golf game

No matter how advanced the best players in the world become, each and every player does something, somehow, someway to make himself or herself better.