The Top 5 Golf Death Moves

Here’s How To Eliminate Them Once And For All
golf death moves opener

As we all know, golf is very hard, and for some it is even harder. It seems that golfers are an independent lot and tend to pick up the game, play and practice, with little regard to using the proper fundamentals at first. It’s only when they have “learned how to hit the ball” do Read more…

Improve Your Golf Swing With Feel And Fitness

Master The Move Critical To Hitting Solid Shots
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Want an easy-to-follow but thorough road map to actually improve your golf swing? I give you the tools and directions you’re looking for to avoid what I call “early extension.” Read on. TRAINING TOOLS NEEDED 2 – Shafts with grips: 37 inches to 40 inches 1 – Swim Noodle: 30 inches Swiss Ball 5 lb. Read more…

Keep Your Head Down? No!

I have been on the golf course many times when a lady has cold-topped it off the tee and/or hit a worm burner. The first thing her husband says is, “Honey, you lifted your head.” This is the worst advice you can give a golfer. Once a golfer hears “keep your head down,” they are Read more…

Better Ball Striking in Minutes

Use The Humble Golf Tee As A Path To Consistency

If you struggle with a slice or a hook and inconsistent ball striking, your club path at impact may be the issue. Crooked and inconsistent ball striking is not a good recipe for low scores. Try this simple drill to see where your path is and to fix it for better ball striking. TEE IT Read more…

Get Your Golf Swing In Sync

Waltz Your Way To Lower Scores
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All of us, at some time or other, have experienced the uneasy feeling that our golf swing is out of sync. It feels like we don’t have any rhythm or timing at all. Believe it or not, all you may need to get your swing in sync is a few moves using the waltz rhythm Read more…

Balance Basics For Golfers

Use Simple Drills And BodiTrak For Better Swing and Stroke
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Ask any great athlete what one characteristic they all share and you’ll hear a lot of the same answers. But one general theme will emerge: Regardless of the sport, balance is the common thread. So, it’s time to look at balance basics for golfers. Balance is what allows us as human beings to walk erect Read more…

Fix Those Fat And Thin Golf Shots

A Quick And Simple Guide To Better Contact

Pure contact with the golf ball and turf is perhaps the best feeling a golfer can experience.  Unfortunately this experience is not what most golfer experience on a shot to shot or day to day basis.  The fat and thin golf shots have one thing in common, the bottom of the swing is too far Read more…

Groove Your Takeaway With GravityFit TPro

Training Aid Also Teaches Proper Posture And More

All of the quality golf coaches I have spent time with stress the importance of starting your swing with a good movement. They attribute many of their student’s swing issues to poor set up and first move, and spend considerable time and effort in trying to teach and train improvements in these areas. The GravityFit Read more…

Fix That Duck Hook Now!

Three Causes, One Solution For Straighter and Stronger Drives

While a lot of golf instruction focuses on ridding a student of a slice — it is, after all, the most widespread problem among amateurs — not enough attention is given to the other shot that bedevils a lot of golfers, especially from the tee: The Duck Hook. It’s a nasty shot that often goes Read more…

Lift The Heel For Better Golf Shots

Old School Move Meets New Technology

In looking at the greats of the game from yesteryear, many players lift the heel — the lead heel, that is — on the backswing and then slammed it down again to start the downswing motion. With the advent of technology such as Swing Catalyst balance plates, we can now see and measure the kinetics of Read more…