50 Best Golf Swing Keys

Where To Be Throughout The Swing For Guaranteed Success

50 best golf swing keys opener

50 best golf swing keys Setup


  1. To get your legs properly positioned, begin by placing your feet just outside your hips, with your toes pointed outward at about 25 degrees. Then make sure your knees are relaxed and slightly bowed.
  2. It's crucial to position your upper left arm on top of your chest, not on the side of it. Allow your left arm to hang naturally, and slightly bend your right arm at the elbow.
  3. The right shoulder must be slightly lower than the left at address to promote a proper takeaway.
  4. The clubshaft should be perpendicular to the ground and not forward-pressed.

Perfect Posture

Good posture at address is critical. Without it, a proper takeaway and weight shift are impossible, and a multitude of problems, most notably a reverse pivot, can occur. Notice in the next photo how my upper body is at a 45-degree angle to the ground, while my legs remain flexed and supportive. At the same time, the small of my back is flat. Good golfers maintain this position throughout the swing, particularly through impact. Losing this position by straightening up prematurely tends to produce thin, weak shots that move from left to right. Establishing an angle of about 45 degrees between the clubshaft and the ground is also important–a club that's too vertical at address will promote an overly inside takeaway and an over-the-top swing pattern.

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