How To Blast Your Drives Farther

Build Explosive Power From The Ground Up
blast your drives opener


After all, it is called a golf swing! Not a golf hit, a golf lash, a golf pull or push. Your ability to swing your arms in the most tension-free state possible, off of a stable base and rotating core, will serve your distance goals very nicely.

I hear people often discussing grip pressure. I prefer to make my students aware that any pressure in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, upper back that will in any way impede the 100 percent free-flowing swinging motion of the arms will not allow the club head to attain maximum speed. Remember, it is a golf SWING. My students often ask me if I use any image in my own mind when I try to picture a free-flowing golf swing. I do: I picture a father calmly pushing his young daughter on a swing set in a playground. It’s peaceful and free-flowing.

blast your drives widen load


The creation of width in the backswing is a vital element to help “load” the machine in preparation for the explosion to come.

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