How To Blast Your Drives Farther

Build Explosive Power From The Ground Up
blast your drives opener


Let’s first discuss the age old fundamental called balance. Most amateurs who come to me don’t set up in a balanced condition. They generally have too much weight either in their heels (sitting back in an improper posture) or well on their toes. Therefore, the student has very little if any chance of swinging in balance and therefore no chance of delivering center-face contact.

Before I go any further, understand without center-face contact any club head speed you are in fact able to produce is virtually useless.

Your ability to both set up in a balanced launching pad and swing in a balanced manner is critical. The width of your stance, how you position the flare of your feet and weight distribution heel to toe are all so important. Be aware of these factors every time you set up. I tell all my students, become a “set-up expert.” If you play in balance, center face contact will become your friend and that in itself will instantly produce more yards.

blast your drives launching pad


As you prepare to hit a well-struck drive with maximum efficiency that puts the complete power package in action, keep in mind that all conditions of The Launching Pad must be in order, as in the photos above. You must start in balance to have any chance to swing in balance.

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