Shift Weight To Drive The Golf Ball Well

It’s The Center Of A Smooth Swing

When a student is hitting their irons well and having trouble with the driver, I am reminded of a comment a colleague mentioned to me straight from one of the finest teachers ever, Harvey Penick. He said that a golfer can hit his irons pretty well without shifting his weight, but to drive the golf Read more…

The Keep Your Left Arm Straight Myth

Concentrate On A Square Face Instead

Let’s discuss a big golf myth: Keep your left arm straight (or right arm for lefties). It’s one of Five Old Wives Tales in Golf. Keep your head down Keep your left arm straight (front arm) Shift your weight/turn your shoulders Hit the ball Follow through I don’t believe you should try to bend your Read more…

How To Hit Better Tee Shots

Avoiding The Deadly Double-Cross

Better tee shots mean hitting the ball straight. There’s nothing worse than standing up on the tee setting up for your “normal” shot shape, then hitting the deadly double-cross! So now you are left picking up the pieces of a shot that went left to left or right to right…not fun! Here at Punta Mita Read more…

Be Your Best Driver Of The Golf Ball

Two Positions To Put You Far Down The Fairway

I’m a huge believer that awareness is half the battle when it comes to improving one’s game. We’d all like to our best driver — to drive the ball as long and straight as top PGA Tour players. Most of us will never be able to achieve the overall distance of a Dustin Johnson, Cameron Read more…

Try Towel Drill For Longer Drives

towel drill sequence

Unlike most of the clubs in your bag, where hitting down on the ball is crucial for good contact, the driver demands a strike on the upswing. Unfortunately, many amateurs do the opposite, catching the ball when the club is still moving downward — leading to pop-ups and serious lack of distance. That’s where the Read more…

Driver Swoosh Drill For Distance

Turn the Driver Upside Down to Build Momentum
driver swoosh drill

The “Driver Swoosh Drill” is a popular way to get rhythm back into your swing. Take out your driver and flip it around so you are holding more of the club head rather than the handle. Take a normal swing a few inches from the ground and listen for that “swoosh” sound. The accompanying image Read more…

How To Blast Your Drives Farther

Build Explosive Power From The Ground Up
blast your drives opener

In 2018 we are all obsessed with how to blast your drives farther. We have watched over the last 20-25 years the evolution of this game before our very eyes from a shot maker’s game to one dominated by raw power. Every day you turn on the TV, open a golf magazine or go online, Read more…

Ramp Up Your Driver Power

For most clubs in your bag, hitting down on the ball is key. You work to make contact just before the bottom of your swing, compressing the ball against the turf and sending it toward the target with plenty of force and a slight backspin. But for the big stick, that all changes. For great Read more…

Lisa Longball And The Power Game

How To Add Speed & Distance

Editor’s Note: Lisa Vlooswyk, affectionately known in golf circles as Lisa Longball, is an eight-time Canadian Long Drive Champion. She competes at the World Long Drive Championships and will tee it up in September on the Golf Channel to vie for the World Title. A veteran in this sport, Lisa has been competing for nearly 19 Read more…

The Keys To Easy Drives

Simple tips and drills for finding the fairway more often

The higher the handicap, the more pivotal the tee ball becomes. Driving the ball into water, rough, bunkers, trees and other hazards is what causes high-handicappers to rack up strokes. As players become more proficient, they develop skills to execute trouble shots and hit pitches from the rough and sand, putting less pressure on hitting fairways. It’s almost as if good players expect to miss every now and then, feeling confident in knowing that they have the tools to recover from an errant drive. High-handicappers, unfortunately, don’t have that luxury.