Putt Zepp In Your Practice Step

ZEPP is a range rat’s dream. It relies on a Bluetooth connection and a cozy relationship with your trusty sticks to get the job done, and what a fine job it is — notching, in real time, truly illuminating details about your swing from club to club. If you didn’t have a clue what your Read more…

Get A Virtual Lesson Right At Home

Practice, Play and Entertainment System for golf at home

SkyTrak LLC, a joint venture of SkyGolf and SportTrak, has announced that WGT Golf has completed the integration of its popular mobile golf game with the revolutionary SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor to offer golfers everywhere the freedom to play WGT Golf with their own clubs in a stunning, high-definition virtual environment.

Homemade Training Aids

Build your own helper!

We put together a short list of our favorite homemade training aids, with the intent to help you improve your golf game using stuff you probably already have.

Training Aids 2008

When it comes to training aids, it’s important to know that they must be used properly and with regularity for improvement to take place. Most importantly, though, is choosing the proper aid for your particular problem. Like a fitted set of golf clubs, the right training aid can bring significant improvement–if it’s right for you. To make sure you choose the one that’s best suited to your problem, it’s a good idea to consult with your pro and discuss his or her feelings regarding what your needs are and what aid would be most helpful.

Training Aids

A plethora of training aids are available today to help improve various elements of the golf swing. From building golf muscles to learning the proper swing plane to adding flexibility, it’s all covered, even putting.