Four Golf Training Aids You Need

Warm Up Your Game With These Simple Products

GOLFSTR Bill Curry had had enough. Three decades of marginal golf had seeped into his soul and threatened his love for the game, so he got a lesson and discovered the biggest bugaboo in his swing: A bent left arm going back, which robbed him of power and caused a decided out-to-in motion. Simple, right? Read more…

Get A Golf Boost From Jim McLean

Famed Instructor Joins Instructional App Team
Golf Boost

With a new brand and updated app, Golf Boost is ready to help golfers take their swing to the next level.  For those who aren’t already familiar with it, Golf Boost is a comprehensive swing analysis tool and golf lesson provider mobile app. With the app, users simply record their golf swing and the Golf Read more…

The World’s First Smart Golf Shoe

Get In On Ground Floor of Samsung Spinoff IOFIT
Iofit Golf Shoe

  You’ve got apps for everything else in your golf game these days. Why not one for your feet — as in weight transfer and balance measurement via a spikeless shoe built with Bluetooth sensors? It took a while, but Samsung is going there with its new spinoff company, IOFIT. The world’s very first smart golf Read more…

GAME GOLF Delivers The Goods

Once You Get It Down, Prepare to Get Better Fast

  Over the past three or four years, do-it-yourself golf improvement has gone from a web-based high-tech infant to a full-grown arena for all things digital. It’s not enough to get accurate distances from a dedicated device or an app on your phone. Thanks to products like GAME GOLF, every single shot — how far Read more…

Slay The Sway

Equipment Briefs
Slay The Sway

We all know bad habits are hard to break, especially in golf. Sometimes it takes years to reroute the neurons and retrain the muscles to “do the right thing,” and once it a while you’ve got to tear your swing down to the studs and shore up the foundation. Take the dreaded sway, for instance. Read more…

DuoTrac: New Dimension in Golf Training Aids

Measures Weight Shift Along With Other Key Swing Points

How about adding a fourth dimension to your dedicated golf practice sessions? DuoTrac, the 4D swing and weight shift analyzer, with multi-point,­ motion sensors and a free mobile App, will do just that. DuoTrac’s four-sensor device outperforms single sensor devices significantly. The device tracks and provides four times the accurate measurement at four key points Read more…

SKLZ Golf Introduces Set-Up Trainer

Anna Nordqvist with SKLZ Golf Set-Up Trainer

Solid ball striking and pro-like accuracy starts with a proper setup. Designed to consistently reinforce proper address position for solid ball striking, the Set-Up Trainer from SKLZ Golf helps you get more power, distance and precision out of every club. Its unique design folds up for easy portability and stores in your golf bag. Among Read more…

Pro In A Box

The Swing Coach puts the basics of golf’s crucial psychomotor skills into three dimensions without the need for fancy technology
Pro In A Box

Behold the box. It’s not much smaller than the oblong carton in which you might ship your sticks somewhere. It’s covered in photos, big type and a slew of photo-tips that show in a glance what it’s really for. And it’s missing one corner of cardboard, close to an eighth of its total volume overall Read more…

Impact Snap Trains Proper Hand Release

Grab this training aid to groove a Hogan-like move

Invented by Kelvin Miyahira and developed by Marty Nowicki, lead instructor at Turning Stone Resort near Syracuse, New York, ImpactSnap was designed to train the wrists and forearms in three different motions that occur in a proper release of the golf club during a full swing — cocking and unlocking of the lead wrist, flexion Read more…

ARCCOS Gets A Handle On Your Game

When it arrived on the scene in 2014, the Arccos system was unlike anything in consumer golf technology, giving every club in the bag an active and vital voice in the instant-feedback process thanks to 14 sensors that attach to the grip end of a club, including the putter, and pair via Bluetooth with the Read more…