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READY TO GO BIG? Hey, we understand your need to crush drives, drill your fairway woods and even muscle your iron shots, but don't forget that even in long-drive competitions, the ball still needs to find the grid to rack up a good score. As im-portant as it is to hit longer shots, if they aren't straight, that just means your shots will fly farther into the trees, lakes and, well, hopefully not into anybody's backyard.

Let's take a look at some products de-signed specifically to not only help you nuke it, but hopefully lend a hand at helping you hit the ball straighter and with more consistency.


ALPHA V5 LX The all-black V5 LX is obviously built for sheer distance. But it's a very forgiving driver, as well. The crown is made up of variable thicknesses for support where it's needed, as well as having two weight ports for that customized look, feel and performance. alphagolfclubs.com

ADAMS SPEEDLINE 9064LS Adams has made a big impact this year with professional long-drive competitions, and the trend continues into 2011. The new Speedline 9064LS is aerodynamically shaped to help cut through the air for a faster swing speed, and the big face means big-time forgiveness. adamsgolf.com

TAYLORMADE BURNER Made with TM's SuperFast Tech, a Dual Crown and more, the Burner is overflowing with distance-driven technology to help every type of player hit longer drives. The shaping also helps make it easy to align for straighter drives, as well. taylormadegolf.com TITLEIST 909D3 New drivers are up in 2011, but don't rule out what's currently available. The 909D3 is incredibly long, not to mention versatile and forgiving. The forward CG helps prevent the ball from ballooning, resulting in a lower, more penetrating ballflight. titleist.com PING K15 The latest from PING is pure power. The K15 driver has the shape and geometry for bigger drives, but also straighter ones using the company's Straight Flight Technology weighting that encourages a more square clubface at impact. It also has a huge, deep clubface. pingolf.com COBRA S2 Another power player on the long-drive circuit, Cobra's S2 is engineered with Adjustable Flight Technology to fine-tune whatever ballflight you're after. Furthermore, the 9-Point face is ex-tremely forgiving, meaning you'll hit it long and far. cobragolf.com

CLEVELAND XL 270 (XTRALITE) When a golf club feels the same in your hands but generates more head speed from the same swing, Cleveland calls that effortless distance. The 270-gram XL is lighter than nearly every product in the market, yet it feels like a standard driver in your hands. This balanced reduction of mass is the key to effortless distance with control. clevelandgolf.com

KRANK RAGE Do we really need to describe what this driver was made to do? With its all-titanium build and "Impact Technology" that supplies vertical and horizontal support for less deformation and more energy transfer, the Rage is, well, all the rage. krankgolf.com

PUNISHER 450 PRO LD Three-time World Long Drive Champ Sean "The Beast" Fister designed the Punisher driver. The all-black finish and proprietary face material come together in a mean-looking, mean-sounding and ridiculously long driver. No doubt, this is a serious driver for long-drive gluttons everywhere. longdriving.com GEEK FAIL SAFE 3 With a name like Geek–hmm, never mind. The Fail Safe driver looks like it belongs in a weight room, making it a perfect fit for the big brutes who compete in long-drive competitions. We haven't tried it ourselves, but we hear this 460cc beta- titanium driver sounds like a cannon at impact. What's not to like about that? geekgolf.com MOI GOLF DARKSIDE PRO Excuse moi? Sorry, we had to say it. The new Darkside Pro SF driver is no laughing matter, as it's built for sheer, mean distance off the tee. Using cupface technology with a rigid beta-titanium face, the Darkside Pro SF is sure to turn heads in long-drive competitions this year. moigolf.com DNA DRIVER They may be new, not just to long-drive competitions but to golf in general, but we think they're definitely onto something. The DnA driver is built with a removable face, enabling designers to offer three different "acoustics" or sounds for golfers to choose from. If you want a driver that feels and sounds like persimmon with the performance of a titanium head, this is your driver. dnagolf.com


ALDILA RIP Made for a lower launch and lower spin (just what long drivers and PGA Tour players want), the RIP shaft has a stiff tip for better stability for lower spin rates and a more penetrating launch. The latest tech from Aldila went into making this shaft, which has already proven itself as a tournament winner. aldila.com

FUJIKURA MOTORE SPEEDER The new Motore Speeder uses Quadra Axis Composite and Triax Woven Composite technologies (you don't have to know what that is, just know this shaft is hell-bent on more distance and control). The shaft also is superior at resisting droop and deformation, meaning better energy transfer into the golf ball. fujikuragolf.com

GRAFALLOY PROLAUNCH AXIS Smart-Ply Technology features six unique cross-linked fiber axes producing extreme power, distance and accuracy. Integrated Micro-Mesh tip technology maximizes clubhead stability, responsiveness and spin control. ProLaunch Axis is offered in three launch-tuned models to match launch angles to each golfer's swing. graffaloy.com UST ATTAS The longest and straightest shaft from UST (so they say), uses UST's AXIV material in the grip region for better stability and a more solid feel. The constant-taper design offers a better transfer of energy into the ball. Now, if none of that makes sense to you, just know this premium shaft is superlong, feels great and comes in 12 weights and four loft options to choose from. ustgolfshafts.com ALDILA VOODOO Using S-Core Technology and a rib-like internal design, the VooDoo deforms less at impact for a greater energy transfer into the ball. Power never looked and felt so good. aldila.com GRAPHITE DESIGN THROTTLE Designed with a stiff tip and a high bend point, the Throttle delivers a penetrating ballflight. Made with long drivers in mind, it's a power hitter's dream shaft. gdintl.com

HOUSE OF FORGED JAMIE Sadlowski Signature This special-edition shaft, honoring the youngest long-drive champ ever, Jamie Sadlowski, is a regular-length shaft for golfers of all skill levels who want the performance of a long-drive shaft. houseofforged.com

HOUSE OF FORGED PATRIOT Made in the USA and designed as an all-purpose shaft, the Patriot delivers huge power and a low-spin rate for a penetrating trajectory. It's also a standard-length shaft. houseofforged.com

HOUSE OF FORGED WHUP-N-SHAFT We like the name, too. This shaft is 50 inches of pure power. We get a kick out of the shaft flex options, considering it goes from X to XXX. It's a big-boy shaft, no doubt. houseofforged.com SK FIBER JAVELIN Designed with input from top long-drive competitor Carl Wolter, the Javelin is a low-torque power hitter's shaft. It's also deadly accurate, helping you hit it both far and straight. skfiber.com MITSUBISHI RAYON DIAMANA WHITE BOARD Known for having a stable tip, the White Board cuts down spin to help launch the ball on a flatter, deeper trajectory. Not only do long drivers love it, so do dozens of players on the PGA Tour. mitsubishirayongolf.com MITSUBISHI RAYON FUBUKI For the long driver who doesn't want to compromise feel, the Fubuki is a solid choice. Very stable, long and forgiving, the Fubuki doesn't disappoint, especially with hard, fast swing speeds. mitsubishirayongolf.com


SWING SPEED RADAR One of the best ways to get better is to monitor your progress. The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer helps you gauge your swing speed and tempo at the same time. Just set it down and start hitting. swingspeedradar.com

POWER SWING FAN Use air to build speed, loosen muscles and train your body to make a more fluid, powerful golf swing. A classic training aid like this never gets old. golftrainingaids.com

GYRO SWING Using an actual battery-operated gyroscope, the Gyro Swing helps you to never swing with an open face at impact again. You truly have to feel it to believe just how well it works. gyroswing.com ORANGE WHIP The Orange Whip aims to sharpen your swing rhythm and tempo, improve your balance, increase your clubhead speed and develop lag and load. After practicing with it each day, you'll find strength and flexibility in your golf swing. orangewhiptrainer.com MOMENTUS POWER HITTER An evenly balanced, heavy driver that's hittable, making it easier to build muscles and get instant feedback. Available in six different weights, up to 350 grams. momentusgolf.com POWER WEDGE When using the Power Wedge, the properly sequenced "click" as the club passes through impact means you're shifting your weight off your back foot with solid timing. The Power Wedge synchronizes your legs, hips and arms, preventing a swaying back. sklz.com

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