Five Golf Equipment Winners For 2020

Wedges, Putters, Balls Lead The Pack


golf equipment sacks 2020Sacks Parente Golf Company’s new Series 66 Cavity Back Blade is a major step forward in putter design. While the 66 possesses one of the most iconic putter shapes of the 20th and 21st centuries, any resemblance of the past stops there.

The Series 66 head features a unique 5-piece Al-Cu-W TRIMETAL design that achieves an incredibly high weight-forward MOI of almost 5000, where over 80% of the overall head weight is located in the heel and toe of the putter. This weight-forward design, which puts the center of gravity in alignment with the hosel, is immensely stabile and eliminates gear effect on off-center hits.

As with all Sacks Parente Putting Instruments, the Series 66 incorporates the company’s patented Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology, defined as a balance point of less than 5 inches from the putter sole, which naturally squares and releases the putter head at impact. This technology incorporates featherweight grips at approximately 33 grams, and graphite or carbon fiber shafts at less than 1 gram per inch. The result is up to 2 times better feel and more control than any putter with a conventional steel shaft.

The Series 66 is available with a choice of three ultra-lightweight shaft options: Graphite Fiber, Tour Carbon with Toray T1100G Fiber, and Tour X Carbon with Toray M40X Fiber; three grips styles: flat, round and pistol; and five lengths: 33, 33.5, 34, 34.5 and 35 inches.

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