Fourth Of July Golf For You And Me

Let’s Celebrate America The Golf Beautiful
fourth of july golf ball

Like so many hardcore golfers, I’ve teed it up on every major holiday, including Christmas and my personal favorite, Thanksgiving. And, yes, the Fourth of July. Nothing wrong with that, right? Golf is as American a game as any I can think of, including baseball. Some will call that blasphemy, but think about it: Without Read more…

Yes, Golf Is Hard, But …

Don’t Make It Harder With A Bad Attitude
golf is hard

We all face the struggles of golf — golf is hard — and most often place the blame cruelly square on ourselves. “Man, I stink!” “You stupid idiot!” “God, I’m so bad!” I hear folks inflicting this incredibly damaging self-talk upon themselves every day I go to my teaching tee. The noted sports psychologist Dr. Read more…

Gary Woodland’s U.S. Open Lessons

Grit, Focus And A Great Putting Performance Key Win
gary woodland us open

“Go in!” I half whispered to the image of Gary Woodland from my airplane seat, watching the final moments of the U.S. Open on my iPhone screen as our plane began its descent into Reno, Nevada. And it did — a 30-foot bomb off the face of Woodland’s putter, on the 72nd hole of his Read more…

U.S. Open, Father’s Day A Potent Pairing

Why Not Watch The Pebble Beach Action With Your Dad

As both the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach and Father’s Day approach this weekend, the following guest column by author Michael Conlon celebrates the bond between father and son — and people and golf — that this annual confluence of championship and familial holiday always creates. Enjoy. Father’s Day annually coincides with the United States Read more…

Forget The Golf Score And Just Play

As the tee shots sprayed, the putts lipped out and the double bogeys stacked up after three opening pars — a golf score train wreck — I texted my wife in a fit of pique and frustration.  “Either I need to play more golf or quit.” I knew the moment I hit send that I’d Read more…

NBA’s Splash Brothers, Meet Golf’s Smash Brothers

Koepka, DJ, Bethpage Put On Quite a Show
bethpage black 4th hole

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are known as “The Splash Brothers” due to their ability to bury three-pointer after three-pointer from long distance for the Golden State Warriors. As they burn opponents, ripping through the Western Conference on their way to their fifth straight NBA finals, two other athletes, and an old friend of mine, Read more…

Bethpage Black: The Vatican Of Golf

PGA Championship Site Wasn’t Always Pristine
bethpage black 4th hole

I remember the first time I walked off the Par 3 third hole at Bethpage Black and made my way down the then-very rough rocky path and turned the slight bend to capture my first view of the incredibly dramatic Par 5 fourth hole.  I was either 14 or 15 years old and my jaw Read more…

Top 25 Instructor Labritz Prepares For The PGA

New Yorker Gears Up For Another Go At Bethpage Black
pga championship labritz iron

Could a sixth PGA Championship berth be the charm for Rob Labritz, who heads to Bethpage Black as a local favorite? If by “charm” you mean making the cut, you’re too late. Labritz, a Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor and Director of Golf at Glen Arbor Golf Club in Pound Ridge, New York, already accomplished Read more…

A National Golf Day Love Affair

A 1-Iron, The Open Road And A Personal Challenge
national golf day 1-iron story

Happy National Golf Day! Actually, as far as I’m concerned EVERY day is National Golf Day. If you’re reading this, you probably agree. For us diehards, there are 365 opportunities to tee it up every year, God (and frost delays, and thunderstorms, and snowstorms) willing. Still, this is our day. So, instead of spouting off Read more…

Five Ways To Get Ready For Golf Season

Ideas For A Sweet Swinging Summer
golf season 2019

It’s pretty much accepted in the larger world that the Masters marks the unofficial start to the golf year. The weather in the northern reaches of the U.S. is finally trending toward the friendly side, the first men’s major on the calendar gets folks fired up (especially when a Tiger Woods wins), the days are Read more…