Is Steph Curry Golf’s Biggest Crossover Star?

Callaway Is Betting That Yes, He Is
steph curry amcen

Every year, it seems, somebody is singing of golf’s imminent demise, but NBA megastar Steph Curry seems bound and determined to help change that tune. I say this after seeing the following announcement in my e-mail feed. It comes as no surprise to me, and as a guy who, like any rabid golfer, wants to Read more…

Why So Many Golfing Quarterbacks Are So Good

Our Pros Say It’s All In The Footwork
golfing quarterbacks romo

Over the past couple decades, golfing quarterbacks have pretty much dominated the celebrity player set, leading to fun pieces like this one, which ranks seven of today’s active signal-callers by their on-course prowess. Top of the list: Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, a near-scratch stud who clearly keeps his “Matty Ice” persona when swinging Read more…

The Old Course Thrives On Fast Play

Under Four Hours Is Plenty Of Time To Savor Its Charms

The Old Course at St. Andrews has been around far too long, and deserves far too much respect, to put up with slow play. So it doesn’t, nor should it. Nor should the several hundred lucky, determined and delighted golfers who get to play it each day, and pay handsomely for the opportunity. They shouldn’t Read more…

What’s Taught In Vegas, Plays In Vegas

These Two Instructors Know Their Neon-Lit Stuff
tpc las vegas clubhouse

I’ve been traveling to Las Vegas since I was a wee lad, probably before I could walk or grok where I was. My dad loved to gamble. I remember the many times he handed my brother and I a crisp twenty and told us to make it last at Circus-Circus while he played the ponies Read more…

Four Slow Play Rules For The Rest Of Us

If Tour Pros Can Be Fined, So Should We
One-length irons player Bryson DeChambeau

Looking at the golf landscape as summer slides into fall 2019, I can see that this whole slow play thing is still, well, a thing. In fact, it’s enough of a thing that the European Tour is taking direct and decisive action to stem the molasses-like flow of many players in the throes of competition. Read more…

Zion Williamson Gives Golf A Break

Head-Snapping Feat Is All In Fun, Not Anger
zion williamson pelicans

I love it when athletes from other sports fall in love with the greatest game ever, and it looks like newly minted New Orleans Pelican Zion Williamson is one of those athletes. It also looks like the mountainous, former Duke power forward (or power-whatever-he-wants-to-be) doesn’t know his own strength when it comes to striking a Read more…

Golf Weather Means Wind. So What To Do With It?

These Two Features Will Help You Beat The Breeze

Golf weather is the one “club” we all carry in our bags. We have no choice but to lug it. The elements greet us on every first tee and will change on us in a blink. That happened to me recently at Silvies Retreat, Links and Spa in eastern Oregon. The day dawned a bit Read more…

Golf And Geese: A.I. Or K9?

Is Nothing Sacred In The Dog-Eat-Dog Tech World?
golf and geese attack

America has a big golf and geese problem. It has for decades. The big, nosy birds have grunted and hissed their way across fairways since, well, forever, and while we can thank our friends to the north for sending us the bulk of these often angry nuisances, we can’t really blame them for turning our Read more…

Andrew Luck Offers A Lesson For Golf Fans, Too

When Careers End, It Hurts. But We Can Deal.
andrew luck

Andrew Luck is (was) a professional athlete. He made a lot of money entertaining millions of people for several years with his talent and hard work. He gave the state of Indiana hope that, at some point, another NFL Championship would come their way. And now he’s hanging up his spikes, in the prime of Read more…

Is Brandon Wu This Year’s U.S. Amateur Star?

Stanford Standout Could Finish His Amateur Run At The Top
u.s. amateur brando wu

After two rounds of the 199th U.S. Amateur at Pinehurst Resort, Brandon Wu is the latest guy to show that there must be some special stuff in the water up San Francisco Bay Area way. His counterpart from across the bay, Collin Morikawa, was a four-time All-American for Cal and has already turned pro, winning Read more…