Shafts 2018: Seven Dreamers

seven dreamers shafts

Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc. is the maker of the most exclusive, premium and expensive golf shafts in the world.

The company’s acclaimed models are made in Tokyo by craftsmen who custom build each shaft. Setting Seven Dreamers apart from other brands is a unique manufacturing process that uses aerospace-quality carbon fiber, a proprietary 3D design system and an autoclave to cure shafts, as opposed to less efficient ovens used by competitors.

The company’s unique autoclave manufacturing methods and FRP precision molding techniques of top craftsmen have enabled us to manufacture high precision and quality shafts. The carbon that is used in carbon shafts has a property that hardens when heat is applied (such as when cured in an autoclave). Seven Dreamers uses this property to manufacture their shafts.

Most carbon shafts currently on the market are fabricated by wrapping the core metal (or mandrel) with a prepreg (a thermal shrinkable carbon sheet), and then cured in an oven. The core metal is wrapped with thermal shrinkable tape because tension is usually insufficient under 1 atm. However, removal of the tape causes unevenness on the surface of the shaft. This method requires the grinding of the shaft to remove any unevenness and to make it perfectly round. The process often results in individual variabilities in elasticity and rigidity.

Seven Dreamers’ pioneering approach ensures the carbon fiber retains 100% of its quality and eliminates the common practices of adding unnecessary resin and paint or polishing and grinding. The resulting design provides incredibly smooth feel and near-perfect transfer of energy at impact for more distance with tighter shot dispersion.

Shafts start at $1,200 and are available for woods, irons and putters.

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