2014 Buyer’s Guide Shafts

We have several shafts in this roundup for you to choose from. Check 'em out.

Either way, get yourself fit for shafts that fit your swing speed and tempo.

2014 Buyer’s Guide Wedges

Have a look at some of our favorite wedges for 2014

This year, wedge customization is popular, and rightfully so.

2014 Buyer’s Guide Balls

The best balls for 2014

Today, there are tons of golf balls to choose from, ranging from Tour-caliber to distance ball, with a wide spectrum of golf balls somewhere in between.

2014 Buyer’s Guide Irons

Be a shotmaker in 2014

Luckily, this year, we’ve seen yet again another heaping of new irons that try their best to help you hit the ball straighter, higher and farther from the rough and fairway.

Balls & Shafts

Great golf balls and high-tech new shafts

Even after years of preaching it in the pages of Golf Tips, it seems many golfers still ignore the most critical component of the golf club.

2013 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Again, this year has a slew of new offerings, including a variety of new styles, colors, shapes and materials to choose from.