Five Questions With Winn Grips

What goes into making one of the game's best grips

1 How did Winn start? How has the company’s mission changed over the years?
In 1986, I attended the Golf Digest School, directed by Jim Flick and Paul Ryan in Silverado, Calif. It turned out to be a frustrating week. I got hand cramps and blisters from my slippery, uncomfortable rubber grips. I felt that I had to squeeze extra hard to keep my clubs from flying out of my hand–not good technique for a smooth swing. At the time, our company, Winn, was designing and manufacturing premium tennis grips, so I thought why not design grips for golf? I felt sure I could create a more comfortable, user-friendly grip not only for myself but for others, as well. Our mission has always been to enhance golfers’ experiences. Whether you’re a beginner, an avid golfer or a pro, we have a grip that’ll lift your game.
2 What material are your grips made from? How are they similar to or different from other grips on the market?
Unlike conventional rubber grips, ours are made of advanced polymers and copolymers. The thousands of closed pores created inside the polymer layer give our grips better feel, 65% more shock and vibration absorption, and 45% more slip-resistance than rubber.
3 Even though it’s their only contact point with the club, people don’t think about their grips. Why should they?
Golf is a game of feel. The golf grip is the nerve center of your swing. It transmits crucial information to your hands to give you vital feedback about club location, shaft flex and impact, and the subtle pressures required to keep your swing under control. As Butch Harmon says, “Better grip, better swing, better game.”
4 Aside from shape, is there any difference between your putter grips and full-swing club grips?
There is no difference. Feel and size are key in either category. We’ve created several different polymer materials: WinnDry, WinnDry Polycord, Excel, V17 Soft, and V17 Polycord. Each material offers a distinctive feel that can suit your particular needs. Our oversized, midsized, standard and undersized options further your ability to choose the grip that’s right for you.
5 What’s new for 2012?
We’re proud to introduce the Dri-Tac, Dri-Tac Wrap Lite and WinnPro Wrap series. These feature our new WinnDry Technology, which changes pore configuration within the polymer material to dissipate moisture quickly and keep your grip tacky in all weather conditions.

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