Five Questions With Cleveland Golf

A glimpse inside one of the game's coolest companies

1 Forged, huh? We’ve seen quite a few new forged wedges, not just from Cleveland, but from other companies, as well. What sets yours apart from the crowd?
Our Precision Forged Wedges are unique in the fact that we use a process that allows us to produce a quality wedge with 50% smaller flash width than traditional forging. Less flash or excess material on the forging allows us to reduce the amount of manual polishing by 50%, which ensures we maintain the integrity of the outstanding shape of the 588. We also use a proprietary polishing process that helps us maintain the tightest tolerances possible. The combination of part consistency and the forged grain structure gives our wedges unprecedented feel.
2 In the case of the CG Black, you decided to build a wedge that’s __ber-forgiving and long, and with a Ti face and an optional graphite shaft. Is this in response to most golfers hitting their wedges too short (they usually do)?
The CG Black was designed for the player looking for forgiveness and some extra distance. They feature a thin, high-strength titanium face for increased ball speed, and Deep Undercut Technology for a lower center of gravity and enhanced playability. The wedges also include the Miyazaki C.Kua 95 shaft that further removes weight for greater clubhead speed while also maintaining traditional feel and incredible accuracy.
3 Bounce angle is important. You know that; we know that. But in a few words, can you explain what it means to the average Joe?
The lower the bounce on a wedge, the better it will suit harder or firmer ground conditions, i.e., it will not dig. With softer ground conditions, more bounce helps in exactly the same way.
4 Spin is still important for shotmaking. What has Cleveland done to maximize spin with all your wedges?
We precisely mill each groove, which preserves the edges of the grooves and maintains perfect groove consistency. It also allows us to get precisely to the maximum allowable groove dimensions that conform to the USGA groove requirements. To maximize spin even further, we use a laser-milling process to produce a consistent surface roughness.
5 The custom wedge stuff you guys are doing is awesome, and the cosmetics are incredible. Might we see this option in woods or irons someday?
Customization is getting more and more popular every day. The touring pros have always had access to custom equipment, and that’s really what inspired us to launch Keep your eyes peeled–you might just see some new offerings in the not-too-distant future!

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