Accessories Buyer’s Guide 2007

Think the only things that make you a better golfer are clubs and balls? Well, think again. There?s a lot more to the game and it can all fit right in your bag.

We live in a modern world, where technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, from mapping our commutes via onboard navigation systems to wearing clothing with materials specifically designed to wick away moisture to capturing moments in time with our cell phones. We’re happy to report that the golf world isn’t immune to many of the same technological advancements._Ê

Each year it seems someone raises the bar and introduces a new product that changes the way we see and play the game. This year, in particular, a number of offerings (waterproof bags, “smart” golf carts, color-screened GPS yardage readers and golf specific eyewear, to name a few) have captured our imagination. They’re evidence that technology is not, as some would argue, ruining the game, but making it more a fun, efficient and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

Check out the latest offerings. We think you’ll like what you see.


Callaway Hybrid Series Callaway Hybrid Series
Four unique frame designs make up Callaway Eyewear’s Hybrid Series, their fourth and newest lineup of golf course specific glasses. The new collection sees the blend of magnesium and hi-tech alloys that result in durable frames with superior weight distribution. The H302-SL (shown) protect the eyes, but also look pretty sharp, too.

Sunbuster Sports Enhancement SunBuster Sports Enhancement
With over 150 Tour professionals and caddies using SunBuster’s trademark “purple” PuttReaders lenses every week, you know they must be working. One reason is they bring out green contours and help clarify your playing area. Another feature is how well they protect your eyes from the damaging UVA/UVB rays. They are, as the Sunbuster Website puts it, “like safety belts for the eyes.”

Tifosi Slip Tifosi Slip
Tifosi’s GT Lens technology (so named because they were designed for Golf and Tennis) features “object illumination,” which helps the user pick up ballflight. The “Slip” (shown) comes with three interchangeable lenses, a standard of many Tifosi offerings. With 100 percent UVA and UVB protection and Glare Guard_â_ã_, they’ll not only look good, but also protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.

Peakvision Sports Peakvision Sports EL1
PeakVision’s newest offering, the EL0 model, weighs just over 11 grams. How do they do it? Well, the EL0 is made from pure titanium, the same material that made metal drivers a hit. Its slender frame makes the EL0 perfect for smaller faces, while its larger compatriot, the EL0 Regular, is a little bit heavier (due to a larger lens). Both come with PeakVision’s patented Dual Zone lens technology.



Izzo AS2Izzo AS2

Featuring Izzo’s patented Active Sport Suspension that reduces impact while walking, the AS2 stand bag is Izzo’s lightest available carry bag. It also features a large accessory pocket with magnetic closure, EZ access, Quick Draw water bottle pocket, ventilated full-length apparel pocket, waterproof valuables pocket and matching rainhood. The AS2 comes in 10 color combinations.

TaylorMade r7 Cart Bag TaylorMade r7 Cart Bag
The r7 Cart Bag sports seven zippered pockets and full-length dividers to keep each club in its individual slot. Plus, its water-repellent nylon body keeps clubs dry. Perfect for keeping that r7 driver in tip-top shape.
Caddyrack: The BagCaddyrack The Bag
The most unique feature of The Bag from Caddyrack is an organizer that protects eight of your irons. Molded with a tough, yet soft non-slip polyurethane polymer, the caddy rack works well with either wide-soled or conventional irons.
PING Explore PING Explore
Hey, even if cart bags aren’t meant to be lugged around, you still have to load and unload them from your buggy, right? PING understands we don’t all have the same physiques as The Rock, that’s why they’ve designed the Explore, a very lightweight bag that’s also compatible for push carts.
Ogio Grom TweedOgio Grom Tweed Khaki
Ogio has long walked the line between modernity, extreme sports and our more traditional pastime. Nowhere is that marriage better on display than in their 2007 version of the Grom. Like its counterparts, the Grom features many pockets (nine total, five of which are zippered), Molded Ball Silo, fleece-lined valuables pocket and Lift Grip trunk handle.
Bag Boy NavigatiorBag Boy The Navigator

For golfers who love to walk, but not carry their bags, comes The Navigator, a three-wheeled electric walking cart that can be operated from up to 200 yards away via remote control. Made from an ultra-lightweight aluminum tubing, The Navigator can easily traverse any kind of terrain, especially hillsides.

Bennington Cart Bag Bennington Cart Bag

Bennington Golf’s QO-10 (Quiet Organizer) cart bag features 10 individual full-length dividers for your irons and hybrid clubs. By reserving space for each club, your clubs won’t tangle, clang or crash into one another.

Club Glove Last Bag Club Glove The Last Bag

Ever look out the window of an airplane and see your clubs gently placed inside the cargo hold? Neither have we. They’re thrown. Hard. What you need to protect them (and that brand new $400 driver of yours) is Club Glove’s “Last Bag.” It truly is the last travel bag you’ll ever need.

Sun Mountain H2O Tech Sun Mountain H2O Tech Bag

There’s nothing worse than getting caught mid-round in a torrential downpour. Your round gets washed out, you get wet and your clubs take a bath too. Not with the new H2O bag from Sun Mountain, the first waterproof bag. Not only is it constructed from waterproof material, but its pockets are waterproof too, a great feature for golfers who carry vulnerable valuables with them on the course.


Trion Z Trion Z Bracelet And Necklace
You’ve probably seen several professional golfers wearing them, but what are those two-tone wristbands? The Trion-Z is one of the latest advancements in cool gear, designed to provide therapeutic relief through the use of magnet technology. By wearing the wristband, Trion-Z claims the bands have a relaxing effect, helping golfers to better focus and control their emotions under stressful situations. Hey, it won’t hurt to give it a try. Golf is a tough enough game as it is. New for ’07 is the hip necklace.

SkyCaddie SG4
Have you ever wanted every course you’ve played (and are going to play) at your fingertips? Now you can, thanks to the all-new SkyCaddie SG4, the most state-of-the-art SkyCaddie yet. Featuring a sleek new design, the SG4 features SkyGolf’s patented IntelliGreen technology, enabling golfers to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach, along with showing distances for all targets and hazards on any of SkyGolf’s many thousands of professionally mapped courses. The SG4 also comes with a bonus SD Memory Card Slot for future memory expansion and software upgrades.

Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder
On the heels of Bushnell’s exceedingly popular PinSeeker 1500 Rangefinder comes the Medalist, a rangefinder offered at a lower price point. With the Medalist, golfers are guaranteed +/- one-yard accuracy from within 300 yards without the need for those reflectors often found on flagsticks. The Medalist weighs a mere nine ounces and is powered by a nine-volt battery. With rubber armoring and a premium carrying case, it’s easy and safe to carry.

SureShot GPS SureShot GPS
The folks at Tee2Green Technologies in Australia have made a splash with their handsome SureShot GPS yardage reader. What makes it stand out? Well, namely its sleek design and color screen, a feature its rivals don’t possess. In addition to the standard GPS features (distance measuring to specific points, course data storage, ability to measure to points lasers can’t penetrate), the SureShot enables users to record shot statistics and even suggests which club to hit. The light, portable device can be clipped to your belt, and its battery lasts a long time.

PING M-Flex Glove PING M-Flex Glove
When PING introduces a new product in a new category, you know it has got to stand up to PING’s notorious quality-control standards. Its new M-Flex is an exceptional golf glove that features a unique, non-leather, micro-fiber composition that’s designed to grip
exceptionally well in wet or dry conditions. Surprisingly, the micro-fiber feels very much like Cabretta leather, and in our opinion, breathes even better. Heck, it smells like leather, too. If high-tech hand wear is too “New Age” for you, PING also offers a Cabretta leather model.



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