2015 Buyer’s Guide Accessories

The Best Of The Best In GPS & Swing Analyzers


Arccos | $399

The game’s only GPS + Live Shot Tracking + Tour Analytics platform, Arccos maps, measures and records every shot taken during a round of golf. Using GPS and Bluetooth technology, the system automatically captures critical data—club distances, putts per round, greens hit in regulation, driving accuracy and more—to help players identify patterns and refine strategy. Simply attach each sensor to the grip end of the club and pair directly with the free iPhone app. There’s no need to tap, touch or interfere with the preswing routine. Arccos instantly tracks your game in real time so you can see specific stats and review performance during or after each round. The app also provides GPS distances to any point on the hole, eliminating the need to carry any additional devices.

Blast Motion

Blast Golf | $149.99

With Blast Golf from Blast Motion, there’s no need to alter your natural swing or putting stroke, and there are no power buttons or controls to get in your way. The Blast precision motion sensor knows when you’re moving and dynamically powers up the sensor and engages the patented motion-detection algorithms to capture your important 3D action metrics in real time. Capture video, track driver swings and putting strokes instantly, and even store your performance metrics when the sensor is out of range, and they’ll download to your smartphone or tablet as soon as you reconnect.

Callaway Golf

Callaway GPSync Watch | $299.99

Callaway’s sleek and stylish GPSync Watch can be used both on and off the course. It’s preloaded with more than 30,000 worldwide courses. The GPSync displays yardage to the front, center and back of the green; displays yardages to the front and back of hazards (doglegs, bunkers, water); and has shot-distance and score-keeping features, and an auto hole advance. There’s a 10- to 12-hour battery life in golf mode, with 90+ days battery life in time mode, and the time and date automatically set with satellite fix. It syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device (Apple or Android) and is equipped with text/email/missed call notifications, a pedometer and the ability to upload/save round scores to an app. No annual fees.

Callaway Golf

ECLIPSE | $199.99

The ECLIPSE is a unique and versatile wearable GPS device with a clip that attaches to either end of the unit for belt or golf bag attachment. The ECLIPSE comes with more than 30,000 worldwide courses preloaded and displays yardage to the front, center and back of the green; displays yardage to the front and back of hazards (doglegs, bunkers, water); provides shot distance and score-keeping features; and has an auto hole advance. There’s a 10- to 12-hour battery life in golf mode, and the time and date automatically syncs with satellite fix. No annual fees.

Callaway Golf

300 Laser Rangefinder | $279.99

The Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder has a built-in Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT) mode that allows golfers to accurately grab the flag from up to 300 yards away. It’s sleek, compact and easy to handle, measuring 4.25×1.75×1.5 inches. The Callaway 300 has a range of 1,000 yards, is both water- and fog-proof, has 6x magnification and an LCD display, measures in yards or meters, is accurate to within +/- 1 yard, and comes with a carry case.


GAME GOLF | $199

By capturing the GPS location of every shot played, GAME GOLF provides valuable insights into a golfer’s entire round. Users quickly see their distance averages for each club over time. You can selectively view the shots taken from the tee box, fairway, bunker or rough, providing an even deeper understanding of your game. During your round, simply tap the tags you installed into the grips of your clubs against a wearable device before each shot. That’s it. Everything else is done automatically. Observe your entire golf game on the web and mobile interfaces, which display your game like never before using a map view of the golf course that shows your shot locations and distances. All statistical parts of your game are recorded, calculated and displayed as trends over time, so learning about and improving your game is based on facts.


BB5 | $TBA

GolfBuddy continues to innovate with the introduction of the BB5, the first-ever golf GPS band in the world. This unique and fashionable band provides distances to the front, center and back of the green on an LED display. The BB5 offers comfort, style and function all in one, and six different color bands are available to match your attire. The BB5 includes time mode, play mode and pedometer feature, and comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses.


Swami GT | $199.99

The Swami GT is both a game-tracker and a GPS unit all in one device. It comes equipped with 14 club tags that affix to the grip on each club. When in use, club information is sent from the club directly to the Swami GT, requiring no manual inputting. The unique patent-pending E-Caddie feature makes club recommendations based on your distance history. The Swami GT tracks your round data, including score, distance by club, greens in regulation, putts per round and average driving distance that golfers can view on the GT after the round is completed. An added feature is the ability to plug the Swami GT into a computer, connect to an online portal and then upload your round information. The data will be stored and can be analyzed over time to show your progression. The cutting-edge online interface will also provide aerial views of each round, each hole and each shot. The Swami GT comes with a one-year extended limited warranty and doesn’t require annual fees or subscriptions. The unit’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery holds an eight-hour charge.


Swami 4000+ | $139.99

Swami 4000, IZZO’s best-selling distance-measuring device, has been enhanced and upgraded for 2015. The second-generation Swami 4000+ sports more advanced GPS features, with the same speed, accuracy and simple operations as the Swami 4000, but now it provides the distances to the front and back of bunkers, allowing golfers the option to lay up or go for it. This durable, waterproof unit includes a vibrant, easy-to-read, 1.75-inch color display and is simple to operate. The Swami 4000+ provides distances to the front, center and back of the green. It’s equipped with auto hole advance and shot distance measurement. The lithium-ion battery holds a 10- to 12-hour charge, and the device comes with a one-year warranty.


SwingTalk | $149.95

SwingTalk breaks down all phases of a swing, including the address, backswing, at the top, downswing and impact. It then analyzes the impact phase, the movement of the shaft, the club speed, the swing type and the tempo. The app traces the club’s trajectory in 3D and reads the direction of a hit with a gyro sensor and accelerometer. You can hear immediate voice feedback and practice your swing without being interrupted by looking at your smartphone display. Through SwingTalk Cloud, you can save and load your swings and replay them at anytime. Additionally, you can compare your golf swings with those of a professional golfer, as well as with your previous swings. SwingTalk includes a smartphone application that uses a Bluetooth connection to link to a sensor that goes on the grip of a golf club. The product is supported by both iOS and Android devices, and can be connected to a Bluetooth headset.


Zepp | $149.99

Measure the most important aspects of your swing, and then analyze and improve each one. Zepp offers an incredible set of 3D and video-analysis features that give you instant feedback. You can even compare your swing to the pros. Take 30 swings a week, and Zepp will crunch 90,000 data points and deliver detailed, personalized reports on what you’re doing best and what to focus on, and will serve up tips and drills to power more improvement. The sensor attaches to any golf glove, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android.

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