2010 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Your hands are the only connection you have with the club, so you must play with the right grips.

Considering the grip is the only area that connects you with the golf club, not to mention with the golf ball for the matter, it's a wonder so many golfers overlook this critical component.

2010 is full of grip options. Some new, and some holdovers from last year, thanks to some pretty innovative new technologies in rubber compounds, patterns and more. Check out the following models. We've tested almost all of them, and each one has merits to consider.

Black Widow Fusion Key Features: Made of a dual-compound material that's firm where it's needed and soft where it's preferred. What We Like: Like the Signature grip, and the variety of other new grips from Black Widow, the Fusion has an aggressive pattern that breathes new life into a lesser-exciting product category. The textured feel is ideal in wet weather. Who It's For: Golfers who want a new take on grip technology and who like an aggressive look and pattern design. Material: Dual-compound Design: Textured velvet Size: Std., Ribbed Weight: Std. www.softspikes.com Black Widow Signature Key Features: Aggressive patterns via Web Traction Technology on the backside of the grip for more control. What We Like: The dual-compound material is firm and soft (yes, you can have both). We also dig the radical patterns, graphics and the assortments of colors. It's also refreshing to see a new company get into grips. Who It's For:Anyone looking for a grip that has an exceptional level of performance. Material: Dual-compound Design: Patterned velvet Size: Std., Ribbed Weight: Std. www.softspikes.com

Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord Key Features: The newer version of the classic Tour Velvet BCT Cord has an improved cotton twill fiber than feels softer on the hands while, at the same time, retaining an excellent amount of tackiness when faced with wet conditions. What We Like: The feel is less abrasive on the hands than were the previous corded models. Who It's For: Better players will love the firmness of the grip. Everyone else can't help but fall in love with the softer feel. Material: Advanced Composite Rubber Design: Pistol putter Size: Std. Weight: Std. www.golfpride.com Golf Pride DD2 Key Features: The striking graphics help the hands remember where they should go, and the soft exterior mixed with the firm inside makes the DD2 a popular grip. What We Like: The new color options prove that flashy colors are here to stay. Also, this grip is just plain comfortable with or without a golf glove. Who It's For: Anyone looking for a cool grip that holds up well in any conditions. Also available in midsized. Material: Rubber Design: Two-Layer Size: Std., Midsized Weight: Std. www.golfpride.com Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Key Features: Already a popular grip, the NDMC has a velvet-cord section in the upper portion for firmness and control. The lower section is softer for added comfort and shock absorption. What We Like: The new colors are a nice touch, and so is the midsized version for players who fight the hook. Who It's For: Everyone looking for control and comfort, not to mention a grip that holds up well in wet conditions. Material: Multicompound Design: Velvet (upper cord) Size: Std., Midsized Weight: Std. www.golfpride.com Golf Pride V-RAD Key Features: Using what Golf Pride calls Advanced Composite Rubber (ACR), the V-RAD putter grips have a unique, tacky feel that's designed to provide the wanted responsiveness needed from a putter grip. What We Like: Great graphics aside, this grip has a great blend of firmness and soft texturing. It's also easy to keep clean and dry in wet conditions. Who It's For: Golfers who want a softer-feeling pistol-style grip. Available in a variety of flashy colors and unique styling. Material: Advanced Composite Rubber Design: Pistol putter Size: Std. Weight: Std. www.golfpride.com

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Key Features: A classic grip made anew with a softer rubber that's also more tacky than before. What We Like: The sweet new red and white colors! Also, we didn't think there was much room to improve on the feel and performance of the original Tour Wrap, but Golf Pride proved us wrong. These grips are excellent and hold up beautifully to rain and perspiration. Who It's For: Everyone who liked the original Tour Wrap and who wants to add a dash of color to their set. Material: Rubber Design: Wrap Size: Small, Std., Midsized Weight: Std. www.golfpride.com Lamkin N-DUR Key Features: Using a synthetic rubber compound, the N-DUR has a tacky, hexagonal design pattern on the underside of the grip for added gripping support where the fingers take hold. The top is softer for more hand comfort and less fatigue. What We Like: White is the new black in 2010. However, these grips also feel great, and the colored section feels tacky and supportive. Multiple colors (on the backside) are available. Who It's For: All Players Material: Synthetic rubber Design: Velvet Size: Std. Weight: Std. www.lamkingrips.com Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN Key Features: The 3GEN material is designed to absorb vibration better than any grip, as well as feel soft and tacky. More weather resistant, too! What We Like: Everything! The all-white look, the soft yet tacky feeling and the way they absorb vibration. We also dig the fact that these grips have a low torque rating, meaning they resist twisting during the swing. Who It's For: Golfers who want to absorb a ton of shock and who want a great feel, to boot. Material: Proprietary rubber Design: Velvet Size: Std. Weight: Std. www.lamkingrips.com Lamkin 2TEN Mega Lite Key Features: Sporting a super-jumbo size without the weight (86 grams), this grip is designed to limit excessive wrist movements to help smoothe out herky-jerky putting strokes. What We Like: It's huge, but not heavy. Also, the red/blue colors and the stitching is awesome. And of course, it feels amazing in our hands. Who It's For: Golfers who want a quick way to fix their putting stroke and, hopefully, help cure the yips! Standard and midsized versions are also available.) Material: Proprietary compound Design: Velvet Size: Oversized Weight: Std. www.lamkingrips.com

Lamkin Crossline Key Features: The classic Crossline grip remains popular for good reason. Made with a proprietary rubber and with a distinctive pattern, the Crossline is durable, reliable and doesn't twist in the hands. What We Like: We've been fans of this grip since day one. Its firm feel makes it easy to grip the club with or without a club. They also hold up exceptionally to wet weather. Who It's For: All golfers who want a classic grip that has proven itself time and time again. Material: Proprietary rubber Design: Velvet Size: Std., Midsized, Oversized Weight: Std. www.lamkingrips.com Macro Golf Macro Grip Key Features: This putter grip is designed to help golfers with "the yips." The reducing-oval shape (think of a paddle with a taper on one side) is best optimized with a split hand grip. What We Like: If you use it properly, the hands and wrists are taken out of the putting stroke, making it a cinch to never "yip" your putts again. And yes, the unique shape is legal according to USGA rules. Who It's For: Do we really need to tell you? Yips no more! Material: Rubber Design: Reducing-oval putter Size: Midsized, Oversized Weight: Heavy www.macrogolf.com Pure Grips Pure Pro Key Feature: They're installed without using any grip tape, and also feature no parting lines and a consistent wall thickness for a "pure" grip. What We Like: No sticky, messy, lumpy tape under the grip. This makes for a smooth feel. Also, we like how weather-resistant these grips are. Who It's For: Golfers who want to avoid the inconsistencies that using two-sided tape under the grip sometimes bring. (Tape can be used if desired.) Material: Proprietary rubber Design: Wrap, Velvet Size: Std., Midsized Weight: Std. www.puregrips.com Sharpro Dual Performance Key Feature: Using two different rubber compounds, the DP grip has softness in key areas and firmness in the fingers for added control. Also, the DP grip is available in corded models for those who want added firmness and all-weather capabilities. What We Like: These grips seem to be extremely durable, which in our book, is a plus. Who It's For: All golfers, including those who like to add color to their bag. Multiple color options are available. Material: Dual rubber Design: Velvet (cord) Size: Oversized Weight: Std. www.sharprogrip.com

Tacki Mac Itomic Key Feature: Made of a unique, proprietary material, the Itomic grips are both tacky and remarkably durable. What We Like: With the name "Tacki," you pretty much already know these grips are going to be good. We're also big fans of grips that hold up to weather and abrasion, as these grips prove to be among the most long-lasting we've seen. Nice colors are available, too. Who It's For: Golfers who want great performance and durability. Material: Proprietary compound Design: Wrap, Velvet Size: Midsized, Oversized Weight: Std. www.tackimac.com Tiger Shark SuperStroke Slim Key Feature: A midsized version of the SuperStroke Fatso, the Slim also isheavier at 125 grams. It's still a big grip though, with the same nontaper design and new slip-on technology. What We Like: A more manageable oversized grip. We especially liked how it made our hands feel relaxed without having to worry about making big adjustments to our regular grip position. Who It's For: Those still on the fence who want to try a bigger grip. Also, golfers with smaller hands. Material: Multimaterial Design: Flat-sided round Size: Mid-Oversized Weight: Std. www.tigersharkgolf.com Tiger Shark Ultra-Tac Jumbo Key Feature: The oversized Jumbo grip from Tiger Shark features Ultra-Tac material. Its increase in size offers supreme cushioning and feel. As for the circumference, it helps the hands relax better and fit more evenly on the grip. What We Like: The feel and shape make us wonder why oversized grips aren't found on more putters. It's so easy to putt with __ðem. Who It's For: All golfers, including those who want to battle the yips and handsy putting strokes. Material: Ultra-Tac Design: Oversized pistol Size: Oversized Weight: Heavy www.tigersharkgolf.com Tiger Shark Pressure Zone Key Feature: Designed to reduce pressure in the lower hand for straighter and longer shots. How? With Modified Taper Tech that blends a traditionally shaped top half of the grip with a slightly larger parallel bottom half of the grip. What We Like: New ideas. Also, we dig the 40-gram lightness. Who It's For: Those who want the hands to work more in unison and who want better comfort in the lower hand. Material: Proprietary synthetic material Design: Velvet Size: Std Weight: Lightweight www.tigersharkgolf.com

Tiger Shark SuperStroke Lite Fatso Key Feature: Bigger and lighter, the SS Lite Fatso is loaded with a ton of tech. It has a new slip-on design for easier installs and a patented no-taper design for gr

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