Grips 2018: Lamkin TS1, Comfort Plus and Sonar

lamkin ts1, comfort plus and sonar grips

With three new lines — Lamkin TS1, Comfort Plus and Sonar — the longtime leading grip company offer unique performance characteristics appealing to a wide range of players and reinforcing their promise to deliver a perfect grip for every golfer.

TS1 is a distinctive high-performance grip that delivers exceptional feel and performance. Made with new proprietary hybrid materials that are slightly softer than traditional rubbers, the TS1 is durable while micro-textures and surface patterns optimize torsional stability and grip control. Dual compound construction combines with a reduced taper profile and a slightly larger lower hand to enhance grip confidence and promote a light-pressure grip for greater consistency and control.

With a reduced-taper, straighter profile, Comfort PLUS encourages an ideal light-pressure grip that enables golfers to fully benefit from the swing benefits of this softer, more comfortable grip. “And it has microtexturing, a shallow pattern so you get some traction.”

Finally there’s Sonar, an exceptionally durable, highly comfortable performance grip thatperfectly bridges the gap between TS1 and Comfort PLUS.

Of course, Lamkin still has the full complement of classic grips, including a full cord grip with a really fine pattern, with cotton in the grip itself that’s soft as well. It has an alignment and hand positioning feature, and the Z5, which Kauffman calls “pretty straightforward with a traditional taper and a design that allows you to easily line up your hands, a smoother pattern overall.” All grips perform well in wet weather.

“We know the market has a lot of different segments — players who want soft grips, those who want harder and more traction, and those who want something in the middle,” Kauffman concluded. “Across the line we’re always looking to get players to have a lighter grip pressure, which reduces tension and leads to more consistency.”

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