Tour Edge HL3: Affordable Quality Through The Bag

tour edge hl3 driver 2018In one of the most exciting golf club launches of 2018, the Tour Edge HL3 features a complete lineup from driver to wedge, all designed to fill a niche as the best pound-for-pound technology and performance at a mid-tier price point.

tour edge hl3 hybrid 2018The HL3 driver comes in two different configurations– a straight version and an offset version. Both drivers feature a forged titanium head and Cup Face technology, which in-creases the amount of face flexing for increased ball speed. HL3 technology also delivers incredible forgiveness, as well. Variable Face Thickness technology provides more contact points on the face that provide better off-center hit distance. The Power Channel on the sole behind the club face is designed to deliver amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face. Additionally, a rear sole weight moves the center of gravity back deeper in the club head to create an easy launch that will fly higher and longer.

The new HL Hybrid comes in four lofts designed to replace standard 3- to 6-irons and features a 450 stainless steel head with a redesigned face that is thinner for a greater spring-like effect and added distance.

The shallow face/high toe design produces an expanded sweet spot for an incredibly easy to launch hybrid.

tour edge hl3 iron-wood 2018The Hot Launch series is designed to specifically to take advantage of the emerging growth segment of customization. “Every golfer should be getting custom fit, especially high handicap players who have the most to gain,” said Tour Edge Vice President of Marketing Jon Claffey. “You don’t need to spend your kid’s college tuition to get into a high-performance, high-technology game-improving set of golf clubs.” The HL3 hybrid comes in 19, 22, 25 and 28-degree lofts, while the HL3 Iron-Wood is available in 12 different lofts designed to replace standard two-iron to lob wedge irons features is available individually or as a complete set.

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