The 2018 Holiday Golf Gift Guide

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Odyssey Exo Seven And Red Ball Putters

2018 holiday golf gift guide exo putterNope, this isn’t your three-jacking uncle’s idea of an Odyssey putter. “Where the heck is them two white dots?” Answer? He won’t miss ’em whilst holding the super-sleek EXO Seven in his hammy hands. This uniquely contoured, double-bend mallet uses a blend of metals — aluminum in the center, stainless steel surrounding — to perimeter-weight the minimalist putter-head, offering higher MOI and more consistent ball speeds. Add in the butter-soft Microhinge insert and three shape options and the rest is up to your poor Uncle Ned, who hasn’t sunk a putt since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

You want to really freak him out (and lower his ’cap!), gift him with the new Red Ball flat-stick, which is arguably the market’s first ultra-game improvement putter. Aim and alignment are aided and abetted by attention-getting details, especially the namesake “red ball” that helps calibrate one’s eye position while promoting a proper setup. Odyssey’s go-to black-and-white shading provides another arresting visual cue. And the White Hot RX insert sounds as good as it feels, producing an admirable click-and-roll as soon as it kisses the face. Duffers will certainly prosper with the Red Ball, and better players too. Hey, who doesn’t like to take a test with a cheat sheet handy, even if you’re a blooming genius? — David Weiss

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