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The late great golf legend, Ben Hogan, once said, “there are no shortcuts in the quest for perfection.” Well, the company Mr. Hogan founded in 1953 has unveiled a Precision Milled Forged putter line that may be the closest thing to perfection.

The CNC precision milled putters are crafted from soft, 1025 carbon steel in a rare multi-step forging process that refines and tightens the grain structure of the steel and provides for uniform density across the entire face. This eliminates hot spots, or dead areas, and results in unparalleled feel, consistent distance control and “trueness” on every putt. 

Complementing the unique design features of putters, which are available in four (4) traditional head models, is a proprietary DBM (Diamond Black Metal) finish. The most durable black finish on the market, DBM eliminates glare and generates more contrast with the ball and putting surface promoting better alignment.

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