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v1 instruction systemFor golfers dedicated to working on their swings and using video to see and connect with their swing instructor, there is the V1 Golf Plus Mobile App. 

You can’t fix what you can’t see, and golfers can’t fix what their instructors can’t see. Fortunately, the V1 Golf Plus Mobile Appenables golfers to take and upload videos of their golf swings and send them to an instructor who uses the V1 Pro platform. The instructor then takes the video, adds telestration lines to show key points in the swing that need improvement, and can voice over step-by-step lessons which can immediately be sent back to the student. With the V1 Golf Plus Mobile App, it’s easy to find and receive an instant golf lesson from anywhere in the world with one of the 10,000+ teaching pros who use the V1 Pro teaching platform. Golfers can also put their video side-by-side with a curated library of hundreds of Tour Player model swings, have access to monthly instructional content, and get premium support. Available for IOS for Android.

$6.99 per month, $59.99 annually |

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