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Warm Up July 2016So, do you hit the same club the same distance through the years, no matter what? We didn’t think so, which makes these why-didn’t-we-think-of-that Distance Clips such a simple solution to the guesswork of club selection, from long irons through wedges. Each packet contains small nylon clips numbered from 200 to 40 yards in 10-yard increments; after some time on the range hitting each club and dialing in the distance with each, you just snap the appropriate average yardage number onto the shaft of each iron, next to the hosel, where it’s easily visible in the bag. For instance, if you’re knocking the 5-iron 170 yards, match it up with that clip and you’re good to go. If you get fitted for a new set, hone your move via lessons and/or gain more flexibility, chances are you’ll add 7 to 10 yards to each club — so you just swap out the Distance Clip to the new number. Before long the actual club’s number won’t matter. Everything you need to know is right on that clip, and more pars and birdies are sure to follow. | Check the price on Amazon!

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