Five Golf Gifts To Buy Right Now

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Got a golf freak’s birthday coming up? Planning ahead for the holiday blitz? Just celebrating the end of summer and onset of great fall golf weather with a gift to a friend? Give these Golf Tips-recommended gadgets and goodies a look and put a smile on someone’s face. Even your own.


About the size of an iPhone with a large amber-tinted screen that’s readable even in bright sunlight, this full-featured monitor uses doppler radar to measure carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor, with numbers displayed instantly. It sets up in seconds. As you hit shots, a pleasant female voice states the carry or total distance for each one. A slim remote control allows you to switch clubs and change lofts on drivers, fairway metals, utility metals and wedges to match your clubs’ characteristics. Along with Practice mode, SwingCaddie offers “Target” mode with present distances from 40 to 200 yards, which helps dial in average distance for each club, and an “Approach” mode for practicing short game shots from around 40 to 95 yards.



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