2Undr Combines Comfort and Support

18 great golf products 2undrAsk any male golfer about his underwear (if you dare), and he’ll tell you that comfort, breathability and support will all be high on his list. That’s why 2Undr should strike his fancy, big time.

The skivvies of 2Undr — a Canadian company whose name is not a variation on the Aussie phrase, but rather borrowed from the motocross community, whose common credo is keeping “two wheels under” you at all times — check off each of those three boxes beautifully. Their three-inch trunk, six-inch boxer brief and nine-inch long leg inseams come in a half dozen styles depending on fabric mix, with the lenzing-modal fabric mix in Swingshift and the lenzing-mod-al-cotton Dayshift leading the way, followed by “Nightshift,” “Gearshift,” “Powershift” and “Longjohn” styles made from nylon, poly or bamboo cotton.

In every configuration and length, all 2UNDR briefs put a premium on comfort, whether it’s in the moisture repelling department or in the oft-overlooked waistband zone.

“Our modal fabric resists hard water deposits, it won’t shrink, it won’t fade,” says Jack Curry, who heads up the company’s U.S. sales. “For a golfer that’s really big, but more importantly we men have two waistbands — one on the outside, on the inside. The band on the inside is usual-ly digging in by the end of the day but these are nice and smooth, so you’re not going to feel this at all.”

All include what’s called the Joey Pouch, which lends extra support to a guy’s “most valuable assets” while eliminating the skin contact that leads to chafing, as well as the No Drip Tip that wicks away moisture and lets the air in.

Why Joey Pouch? Curry explains.

“It’s why so many people think we’re an Aussie company,” he says. “Joey jumps in Mommy’s pouch so he can be se-cure, so why can’t I take your assets and put them in a pouch?

We like to say the twigs and berries are off the tree now.”

He then shows what else makes the Pouch so special.

“We’ve got a mesh in there made of hydrophobic material that pulls the moisture away,” he says, adding with a wink, “This is for the young kids who forget to shake and for the old men that can’t stop shaking.”

Special “flatlocked” stitching and a roll-resistant waist-bands just jack up the comfort level. The 2Undr family comes in dozens of colors and patterns, some of them downright inspired and often of the double-entendre variety, from a Jamaican-themed Cool Runnings to Night Camo to Running of the Bulls.

“The original solid colors continue to sel, but then we started going with with patterns and designs. This year Chinese New Year is starting for us,” Curry said during the PGA Show. “We’re gonna do it every year in January. The show last year was the year of the rooster, so we put white roosters all over that style. Now it’s the year of the dog, so we have weiner dogs, little dachsunds.”

2UNDR is carrying over some of their most-requested patterns — most of them designed by a guy named Rocky, formerly with Ogio  — to its lines of socks and luggage. Their new T-shirts, both long- and short-sleeved, offer plenty of stretch room. Everything is on target to start selling by late spring.

Meanwhile, 2UNDR is growing its collection of official NCAA team colors, and the Phoenix Suns have signed on with a direct order of their team colors outside the NBA auspices. Though, to us, it’s only a matter of time for the entire league follows suit.

All in all, demand for 2UNDR’s segment-busting product is on the definite rise. As is our, uh, enthusiasm for this fun and functional foundational garment.

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