Drivers Buyer’s Guide 2007

They're huge, easy to hit, long and full of new technology. Check out today's big dogs and get ready to drive it a mile.

Drivers Buyer's Guide 2007The talk of the shop this year when it comes to driver technology is definitely the leaps we’ve seen in exciting new driver geometries. The golfer today can choose from just about anything: square, traditional, scoopback or even triangular. The fact is, the driver category is chockful with scores of options to choose from, making the category not only better, but more confusing for the golfer jonesing for a new big dog.

So, how do you make sense of it? It’s not as daunting as it looks. Most drivers are built with specific golfers in mind. For instance, square drivers tend to benefit golfers who need to hit it straighter, draw-biased drivers help eliminate slices and adjustable weighting-drivers help golfers fine-tune their launch characteristics. What about the rest? Concave crowns, mixed metal technologies and shaft upgrades continue to help make the game easier, but only if golfers know where to start. The point we’re trying to make: get fitted! Driver fitting is far more advanced than ever before, with many major equipment manufacturers now offering fitting stations at various locations around the country. In seconds, golfers can test and try different lofts and shafts in order to determine the perfect fit. Nevertheless, use this guide as your bible for determining what kind of club you’re willing to try. Just be prepared! Every driver featured in this issue is worthy of consideration if you’re looking for more distance and accuracy.

Size And Shape Matters_Ê_Ê_Ê_Ê
For a number of years, drivers simply got bigger and bigger without offering any truly significant performance benefits over previous models. The goal for designers was maximum clubhead size and COR (coefficient of restitution) of the clubface. These advances were definitely meaningful, but like all technology-based innovations, eventually hit the proverbial wall. Golfers noticed, and manufacturers quickly took the hint and have now turned the corner, coming up with a whole slew of

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