2012 Buyer’s Guide Preview

Golf Tips' Annual Buyer's Guide Hits Newsstands March 6th!

We’re hard at work on the 2012 Buyer’s Guide (on newsstands March 6th), but we wanted to take a timeout to share one of our favorite new clubs with you. The Cleveland Classic driver ($299) combines the good looks of yesteryear combined with the technology of today’s metalwoods. The Classic performs even better than it looks. Is it for you? Absolutely if you want a club that looks and feels like a vintage sports car, but yields modern-day horsepower. Comes in three models (270g, 290g or 310g) in a variety of lofts, with a Miyazaki graphite shaft. (LH avail.) http://www.clevelandgolf.com

3 thoughts on “2012 Buyer’s Guide Preview

  1. Ok but did they do anything to dampen that awful sound???
    There is no way I would ever consider buying a club that sounds like a coke bottle dropping on concrete when you hit it.

  2. On top of that, it?۪s a family-friendly atmosphere. The players are generally decent people and good role models (yes, I know, with some exceptions). So I had to smile at (and Tweet about) all the kids going for the Rickie Fowler look with the big Puma hat with the bushy hair hanging out the sides and the colorful, stylish attire. It?۪s nice to see them emulating a classy, young role model.
    Secondly, the quality venues that the PGA Tour plays on are way above and beyond what most of us tee it up on week to week. Sure, some of you have the cash and clout to belong to places like that, but the vast majority of us don?۪t. In fact, events like this are the only way that we can get in the place. The membership is gracious enough to invite us in, so I?۪m happy to take them up on it. It?۪s Hogan?۪s Alley, after all! Generally, I?۪ve found that just taking in the beauty of venues like these is a great thing.

  3. They also had a tent on the back-nine with six Congressional Medal of Honor recipients in attendance. Those of you at home might have seen David Feherty speaking to some of them (as did I, because I was home by then)

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