These Golf Socks Are Ex-Cep-Tional

We became fans of anything that makes our dogs more comfortable — including compression socks — after too many walking rounds at hilly venues like Bandon Dunes in Oregon. Traipsing over the terrain in search of your wayward ball — and hopefully getting in some good shots here and there — takes its toll on the middle-aged calves and quads. Enter German company CEP’s new line of low-profile and calf-length (or “no show” and “short” in their parlance) compression socks, which come to America with medical-grade bona fides. Traditionally used by runners and triathletes, they’ve recently been embraced by athletes across the sports spectrum and now, with CEP’s newest short and no-show line, by people that prefer lower profile designs.

So why compression socks that don’t cover the lower leg, like traditional designs? Because the benefits of properly-applied compression go much further than circulation just below the knee. They help massage and contain muscles in the foot itself and push swelling fluid out of the Plantar complex in the arch, especially the front part of the heel — a trouble area among walking golfers. And due to the snug ergonomic profile of the sock, CEP socks will never rub or cause blistering – perfect for long rounds on the course, or even the occasional 36-hole blowout. Our testing bore this out; thanks to strategically placed extra padding on the sole and a uniformly snug fit from toe to top seam, both new CEP models kept us moving down each fairway without foot fatigue or the faintest mention of pain. As any aging hacker will attest, happy feet lead to lower scores … and a much more enjoyable round. They are offered in three sizes each for men and women, based on the circumference of your ankle at its narrowest point. Keep an extra pair or two of your preferred length sock your bag (including the available knee-high model if you so desire), and you’ll never be caught short.


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