Four Fine Accessories To Keep In Your Golf Bag


When you’re feeling hunger pangs during a marathon golf session and would rather avoid another fatty hot dog or sugar-drenched candy bar, give mele (pronounced "meal") a shot. Made from a dried blend of real fruits, veggies, nuts, and grass-fed whey isolate protein, mele is a complete, balanced and all-natural meal replacement to keep you fueled on your busiest days. each shake is designed to give you a perfect balance of macro-nutrients to keep you feeling good and fueled. Each full pouch contains 500 full-meal-sized calories of healthy energy when mixed with water, milk or almond milk; or use half a packet for a between-meals snack. Try Rawberry for a light, banana milkshake with a raspberry tang and nutty smoothness. Other flavors include supergreen and cocoa-nut, and all provide the same balance of protein, carbs, fats, and fiber. Every mele serving is non-gmo, no soy, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring or coloring, hormone free, no added sugar and no trans fats, and you can add the powder to a smoothie before your round to keep you focused and strong all day.


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