Four Fine Accessories To Keep In Your Golf Bag


We’ve all watched Tiger Woods and other Tour players struggle to keep sweat out of their eyes while in the heat of battle, and we’ve been there many times ourselves with the sun beats down, temperatures go up and the humidity (or the pressure to sink that four-footer for par) gets serious. But most of us don’t have a caddie standing at attention with a towel at the ready to keep us wiped, comfortable and clear-eyed. That’s what makes the NoSweat hat liner so indispensable. Golf Tips editors have put them into play on north-of-90-degree days and found them to do their job well. It takes seconds to peel off the paper backing to expose a powerful adhesive surface that sticks to any golf hat brim and will stay there through a round, perhaps multiple rounds, while its soft, porous padding absorbs perspiration quickly and fully. NoSweat is particularly useful for those, uh, follicly-challenged guys — you know, the Jim Furyks and Stewart Cinks of the world. They’re also made for helmets and hard hats.


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