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KLVN (pronounced kel-vin) took the PGA Merchandise Show by storm — or, rather, by robot — when it launched what the company calls the world’s most versatile golf bag, which is really two bags in one. Which requires some explanation.

“When we decided to launch the KLVN bag at the PGA Merchandise Show, we knew we needed to showcase the bag in a way that effectively demonstrated its revolutionary new design,” says founder Ted Foxman. “Using ‘robots’ in futuristic outfits showing off our game-changing bag design seemed like a great way to draw attention to both our booth and our product. We are very pleased it worked out so well.”

2016 Buyer’s Guide Accessories

Using the KLVN bag, golfers can ride with the cart bag and eject a lightweight carry bag with a simple push of a button, giving them unprecendented flexibility to manage their golf game, their way. Stuck in cart-path-only hell? No problem. Can’t decide which iron to pull? KLVN’s got you covered. Just flip one handle, pull out the system’s inner carry bag and you’re off, while the outer bag, with its multi-point cart strap system, stays put. Climb back in the cart and reattach your traveling sticks and the entire set stays secure and upright while riding. And you don’t have to take your hike without pocket accessories; OneTouch removable, customizable pockets allow golfers to completely change the look and functionality of their bags to match their personal style and golfing needs. And when the round is over, the bag also features concealed rubberized wheels that allow golfers to conveniently wheel the bag to and from the parking lot. It is constructed from a core made of lightweight, high-density, injection-molded plastic for enhanced durability.

Thanks to the inner KLVN bag’s built-in stand you won’t have to deal with wet, dirty grips leaving that trusty 6-iron behind in the grass. And goodbye to situations where you leave the club you actually need behind in the bag, then misplay the shot because you don’t have it.
The KLVN Bag is available in a variety of bright colors. And about that comely robot who introduced the bag at the PGA Show? Sorry, she’s not included.
$389 | klvn.com

2016 Buyer’s Guide Accessories


Their enthusiasm is infectious. Their products make total sense, including the half dozen they rolled out at the PGA Show in Orlando. The men and women of HoleOut clearly love golf and want to make it not only more fun, but as convenient to play as possible. And if you knock a few strokes off your game in the process, even better.

“All these products come out of our love for the game,” said David Dastrup, Design Engineer and HoleOut’s CEO. “These aren’t re-hashed products, they’re all entirely new ideas, and they function flawlessly. We have a suite of products that can truly reduce strokes, speed the game, and add enjoyment all at once.”

GolfTips has had a chance to check out all six up close and in person, and Dastrup is spot-on: These six affordable, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that items should find their way to every golfer’s bag, both on the course and on the practice tee.

Our favorite is the HoleOut Pro ($29.99), which puts your ball mark right where you need it — on the grip end of your putter — thanks to a quick and easy installation system that involves a small knife and an ingenious spring-loaded gadget that plugs into the grip. But what’s really cool is that the HoleOut Pro turns into the green-reading partner you never had via their “Holeout Method” which helps locate the one true vertical edge of the putter, taking the mystery and myth out of plumb-bobbing.

Got issues with swaying in your backswing? Both Anti-Sway and Anti-Sway Pro ($34.99 and $64.99) are unique foot-mounted devices that immediately reveal if you’re letting that rear leg break down instead of keeping the knee flexed and the weight on the inside of the foot — the foundation of every great player in history. A few swings with AntiSway and you’ll get the hang of what a solid foundation feels like.

Didn’t the humble tee needs an overhaul? Thin again. HoleOut’s PerfecTee ($4.99 for packet of 8) all but eliminates power sapping friction at the millisecond of truth. Front supports won’t engage ball dimples for unwanted spin. Ergonomically designed, it feels great in the hand when teeing up, and its diamond-shaped shaft cuts through the turf and won’t bend through impact. One tee will outlast a small bag of wood tees — the environment thanks you. PerfecTee is USGA conforming.

Finally we come to the PerfecTowel ($21.99), with a unique six-surface design that assures there’s always a wet and dry surface to clean clubs and balls — a killer combination of small and light with a big cleaning surface. Even better, it comes equipped with TowelCaddy ($5.99 if purchased separately), which hooks to the hosel or lower shaft of your putter and snaps easily back on once you’ve buried that birdie putt. Since it stays with the putter, there’s no more leaving the towel behind and having to wipe that dew-drenched ball on your trousers, shorts or shirt. It’s always there for you.

So, every HoleOut product stands alone as a great idea, but a whole suite of them? Sweet. holeout.com

2016 Buyer’s Guide Accessories



The latest addition to the popular line-up of BIG MAX push carts, the The Z360 gets its name from its 360 degree swiveling front wheel. Maneuvering across any terrain is a snap and the front wheel can be locked into position for increased stability on hilly golf courses. The small folded size combined with a quick and easy folding mechanism makes the cart easy to transport and store while the adjustable handle features a conveniently located handbrake. The deluxe organizer panel, magnetic ball marker and the option to fasten accessories such as an umbrella, glove, storage net and a GPS holder make the cart a versatile option for any golfer. Meanwhile, the Autofold FF is another recent addition to the lineup of BIG MAX GOLF products. Its distinguishing element is the new ultra-fast flat-fold technology where all three wheels fold with the push of a single lever. The cart is easy to transport and store thanks to its compact design, while its durable frame holds any type and size of golf bag. A new and improved organizer panel and an adjustable upper bag bracket further help make the Autofold FF an attractive choice.
$239.99/$269.99 | bigmaxusa.com

2016 Buyer’s Guide Accessories



All divot repair tools are created equal, right? Uh, no. In fact, some of them do more harm than good, leaving too much room for error in application — which results in dead spots on those precious greens. But the Spider Twister is different, an entirely new approach to green repair. It uses a simple push/pull action that makes ball mark repairs easier, quicker and better. You just remove the twist off cap, insert the metal legs into the ball mark and pull upward. The patented technology of the Spider Twister easily pulls the damaged area flush with the putting surface. Tamp it and you’re done. No more war wounds for the next foursome to deal with. Also, the design of the Spider Twister keeps the dirt out of your pocket without any damage to your clothing from sharp points. And if you want to make this turf-saving magic while saving your back, invest in the Spider Pro, with a collapsible shaft that extends to 38 inches.
$11.95/$69.95 | instagolf.net

2016 Buyer’s Guide Accessories



So you’ve just shelled out a stack o’ cash for a new set of Wilson sticks. Next up is a serviceable bag that’ll take care of them, and you, whether you’re walking or riding. Look no further than Wilson itself, whose trio of bags — neXus carry II, neXus II cart and Ionix light — has your prized weapons covered. The new neXus II keeps the unique construction of previous iterations with the Exo-Frame Technology 360°. Its sturdy frame connects the aluminum spine, handle top, stand and base to work interdependently. When the base makes contact with the ground, it activates the stand immediately yet keeps the bag steady. Both the spine and top possess comfort TPR molded handles for a solid hand grip and for easy mounting on and off the golf trolley or cart. One of the most noticeable changes to the neXus II is the completely redesigned base. Engineered with a smaller footprint, the nexus II now fits easily on most riding carts. Other innovations are the heather weave polyester fabric; it’s durable but also gives the bag an outdoor fashion linen look. The new airflow hip pad and 4-points double strap is ergonomically designed for the avid walker. Seven pockets provide easy access and plenty of storage for garments and accessories. This updated layout even includes a large opened pocket for a range finder or beverage as well as specific slots for markers, pens, or valuables. Want to go even lighter? The Ionix Light is the most efficient carry option in the Wilson Staff 2016 bag line. Weighing just under 4.5 pounds, it caters to the ultimate walker demanding a comfortable feel and a quick activating stand. “We designed this bag for the grab-and-go player,” explained Jean-Peirre Degembe, global product director – Golf Hard Good Accessories. “He or she might trek 36 holes in one day, or be the only walker in the foursome, so we needed to design a golf bag to allow that type of player a comfortable experience.” Ionix Light still features a large 9”x7.5” handle top with five dividers, the perfect fit for walkers. The base’s two-part design allows the bag to stay flat to the ground, ensuring maximum stability and quicker stand activation. A decided cart rider? The neXus II cart bag has a unique innovative construction platform with the top and base connected via semi-external stays that allow us to build a stable, yet lightweight bag. It also has exclusive 9×8” S-Lock technology, 14 placeholders that “lock in” clubs helping to prevent damage to your valuable investment. Nine pockets, geometrically placed for easy external access on the cart or trolley, provide extensive storage space for garments and accessories; you’ll also find pockets for range finder and valuables, plus tee holders, glove attachment points, pen and divot repair sleeves.
$129.99-$199.99 | wilson.com

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