Squat For Power

To begin the downswing, I squat to create leverage. The squat disappears as my left leg straightens, however. This move creates tremendous power and speed.


Living The Game

It’s not hard to see why the people at Cuscowilla Golf Resort really love golf. Just look at the place. For starters, the grounds unfold about 70 miles from Atlanta in Eatonton, Ga., at the banks of the spectacular 20,000-acre Lake Oconee. The centerpiece–err, masterpiece–golf course is a tremendous work of art, a collaboration by arguably one of the hottest design duos in the world (Ben Crenshaw/Bill Coore).

Shotshaping Formulas

How to make the shots you need to play your best

It’s a “how-to” world these days. Everywhere you look, you’ll find someone, somewhere or something dedicated to what I like to call, “HTH” (How-To Hysteria). “How to bake a cake, how to wire a motorcycle, how to build an arboretum, how to fix a car—we as a culture have become so fascinated by the “how-to” genre that dozens of magazines, Websites and even television channels have been developed to help you help yourself. Luckily, Golf Tips is no exception, as the authors in every instructional story provide you with the scoop on how to become a better player.

Caddy Knows Best

Five key tips learned from a PGA Tour caddy

As a golf instructor and PGA Tour caddy, I’ve seen my fair share of

golf swings, ranging from the sweet rhythms of the best players in the

world to the herky-jerky moves of the frustrated first-timer. Yet

despite the huge gap in natural ability between the novice and the

professional, I’ve learned it’s not uncommon for the world’s elite

players to struggle with a few of the same mechanics and

course-management issues that a casual 18-handicapper might face during

a round. The swings of touring professionals may be more advanced, but

nobody is ever really immune to the occasional swing flaw or mental

mistake. We’re all human after all.